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Return of Bitcoins with a $9,000 USD surge?

Feb 15, 2018 Posted /  2598 Views

Return of Bitcoins with a $9,000 USD surge?

The most renowned cryptocurrency, Bitcoin became a matter of concern for investors and speculators when the virtual token descended below $9,000 USD for the first time after touching its peak point of $20,000 USD. On 2nd February, the opening price of Bitcoin was $9135.87 USD which further declined to $7,908.83 USD in no time on same day.

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Around 70% of Bitcoins value declined in accordance to its highest point and touched $6079.88 USD  which further tensed up the situation for market players. But recent progress in its value has relieved them and also incited the long-term investors. The ones observing the market closely for other huge return on investment are waiting for Bitcoins next all-time high. Currently as per coinmarketcap,  Bitcoins worth is $9713.36 USD with $163,823,217,980 USD market capital.

In response to the current market position of Bitcoins, Darren Franceschini said in an interview with Bloomberg “The climb back to $9,000 range was inevitable,”. Darren Franceschini is the chief executive with blockchain technologies consulting.

Bitcoin is a part of the crypto world and it is not the only one accounting a rise currently. The top three rivals of the virtual economy are Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple. Talking about the rest two tokens, these coins have recorded a progress of 7.6 percent reaching at $935.98 USD and $1.14 USD respectively. The other coin grabbing limelight is Litecoin which managed to climb up to 38% with current value of $226.53 USD and market capital $12,509,767,156 USD

Coming back to bitcoins, it has seen a long-awaited surge and maybe it is the return of it. Let's wait to see digital economies further plans.


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