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Recent Research Establishes How You Could Be Mining Cryptocurrency Ignorantly

Oct 17, 2017 Posted /  11352 Views

Recent Research Establishes How You Could Be Mining Cryptocurrency Ignorantly

A research conducted by Adguard a company that develops ad blocking programs indicates that more that 500 million people are mining cryptocurrency ignorantly. Adguard monitored at least 100,000 websites known for cryptocurrency scripts and found out each of the sites earned at least $ 43,000 during the three weeks’ study period.

Alarming Numbers of People Are Affected

The heist involves an alarming 500 million computers connected on the internet showing that for a long time this scripts were running inside your CPU. But being controlled remotely and depositing money in somebody else’s wallet. The riskiest site to get such attacks are those for movie streaming and pornography where heavy traffics last for hours. Recently some torrent websites too were identified running scripts for mining cryptocurrencies from user CPUs without the knowledge of the user. Unfortunately, these scripts can run for long hours without the user knowing anything about it. This is attributed to facts that the actual workload the scripts puts on the computer can be insignificant to the overall computer processing power.

Targeted Users

Since mining cryptocurrency require a lot of processing powers and constant connection to the internet, the most vulnerable are the users who stay connected on the internet for long hours. This spans from online TV services to social media sites with an averagely high numbers of users logged in at all time. However, users can deploy appropriate measures to keep this vice out of their way most like through the use of updated anti virus programs.

Countries where most of these Numbers showed up in

Most of these attacks surfaced in countries with high internet usage and good bandwidth. These countries include United States, India, Russia and Brazil. The reason why those specific countries are target of such an illegal use is still not established. Most of the websites might have found it more beneficial to replace ads with mining revenue from the hundred thousands of user browsers they have access to. Technical one computer browser can produce cryptocurrency mining power of about 15 Hashes per second. These means a website running theses mining scripts could get up to 7.5 Terahash per second from 500 million computers enough processing power to mine a large sum of most cryptocurrencies.

The cofounder and CTO at Adguard Andrey Meshkov commented about the issue on a blog run by Adguard saying,

We looked for the codes  for Coinhive and JSEcoin, the most popular solutions

for Browser mining in use now” he continued by saying “We found 220 sites that launch mining when a user opens their main page, with an aggregated audience of 500 million people. These people live all over the world; there are sites with users from the USA, China, South American and European countries, Russia, India, Iran…and the list goes on”

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