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Prominent Finance Journalist says that Bitcoin will Reach $100,000 and Bitcoin Cash is a Scam.

Nov 24, 2017 Posted /  2026 Views

Prominent Finance Journalist says that Bitcoin will Reach $100,000 and Bitcoin Cash is a Scam.

Keiser Report Author Predicts Bitcoin Price to reach $100k

Max Keiser the host of the popular show Keiser report which features on RT Uk’s Channel recently said that Bitcoin will increase to gain more value which will at one point reach $100,000. Max Keiser advised that people should remain using Bitcoin rather than shifting to use Bitcoin Cash an alt-Coin which he called a copy of Bitcoin. Max was quoted telling RT news that,

“  lots of journals and articles  have been written about the fall of Bitcoin yet after All this long Bitcoin still remain as powerful as never before.” He continued by saying “Bitcoin is a gift sent by God to enable man sort up the mess brought about by money”

Is Bitcoin Cash Really a threat to Bitcoin?

Max Keiser threw a lot of criticism on Bitcoin Cash during his statement most of the time calling Bitcoin Cash a plagiarism and a threat to Bitcoin. This has sparked lots of firing back from the Bitcoin Cash online community with most people complaining that Bitcoin Cash is no threat to Bitcoin.

The recent all-time rise in the price of Bitcoin is mostly attributed to the announcement that CMI is planning to launch a Bitcoin futures Contract awaiting regulatory approval. We asked a cryptocurrencies observer about the accusation put on Bitcoin Cash, he commented by saying,

“It seems bitcoin is being protected at all cost by the community, a lot of fractional buying occurring with buy walls in the pennies. Every time the 20 day starts to cross over the 50 day MA there's a buyer that steps in like magic and saves the day. I guess the days of bitcoin are numbered and the community still in denial, maybe they have a lot of stake in the crypto, but it seems the free markets are leaning towards bitcoin cash.I can not understand the attacks coming from the btc community to the bitcoin cash community every time bitcoin cash rises in price. It seems they are afraid.”

Top 20 cryptocurrencies to Continue Rising

With the hundreds of cryptocurrencies being traded worldwide, on the top 20 are expected to remain on top and experience increments in value while the remaining cryptos remain below or drop out altogether. On the list of the top 20 cryptos are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Ethereum are some of the cryptos on the top of the list. Only the top 20 cryptocurrencies comprise 90% of all Bitcoin trading worldwide. Max predicted once more that trading within the top 20 cryptos is going to change in the coming years although he believes that Bitcoin Cash would not live long enough to witness this happening.


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