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Private Airline to Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum

Dec 08, 2017 Posted /  6862 Views

Private Airline to Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you have always been cynical about the usage of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day life, this report will certainly change your perception. The regional airlines Surf Air is making huge leaps and allowing payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The airline is currently accepting the cryptocurrencies for its monthly membership and charter services with an arrangement to permit the payment of the seats in digital currency via the mobile app.

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The Chairman and CEO of the US-based regional airline, Sudhin Shahani in a statement given to the media remarked that Bitcoin and Ethereum are advanced virtual currencies, which operates, on technology solutions capable of changing the perspective of the people around the globe. He further mentioned that this kind of payment methods harmonizes with their company’s idea and vision to alter the way, “the world sources, purchases, and accesses air travel.”

The new arrangement offered by Surf Air allows the members to travel any number of times they want after paying a monthly fee. Also, this new scheme will ensure that members are scrutinized beforehand by a government-approved background check authorities and consequently would not wait in security lines.

It is an affirmative move with respect to aviation and airline industry. Also, it is anticipated that the small and medium scale industries will benefit hugely from the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Many airlines are in progress to accept digital currencies especially Bitcoin as a form of payment, and others are exploring opportunities in implementing Blockchain technology in maintenance and payment tracking. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to see how digital currency and blockchain technology will facilitate in removing the present bottlenecks of the airline industry.

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