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Price analysis for 10th February 2018: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar, NEM, NEO, EOS

Feb 11, 2018 Posted /  14981 Views

Price analysis for 10th February 2018: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar, NEM, NEO, EOS

The regulations on cryptocurrencies have intensified majorly due to the intervention of governmental bodies in various countries. The immense surge in the prices of the reigning cryptocurrency i.e Bitcoin by the end of the year 2017, might have captivated the eyes of the authorities all around the world. The impact of such regulations is evident in the decline in the Bitcoin price. The news of the plunge in Bitcoin prices and certain negative rumors about cryptocurrencies has affected the digital currency market. While the fall in prices is perceived as positive by some people because at a point of time, Bitcoin and few other cryptos had become very pricey for investment, but now they have become investable. But for others, the so called critics, the crypto bubble has burst. Since every cloud has a silver lining, let's not be pessimistic and be on the sanguine side. Digital currencies are in their crude phase, they will take their own time to evolve so as to stand apart from other assets.

Let’s see what are the cryptocurrencies hinting currently:

1. Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is rolling around $8,000. It has witnessed a change of -10% (at the time of writing) in last 24 hours. It opened at $8,720 and the highest of yesterday was recorded at around $9,122. However, after a lot of fluctuations in prices, it declined and closed at $8,621.

2. Bitcoin Cash:

The forked baby is currently alive in the market with a -9% change in its prices, as observed in last 24 hours. On 10th February it opened at $1,311 and closed around $1,257. The highest peak price was recorded at $1,394. The opening and the highest price for BCH were not extraordinary in difference. Thus, nothing much noteworthy happened for BCH.

3. Ethereum:

Ethereum is currently standing in the market with -11% of downfall, witnessed in past few hours. On 10th February, 2018, it opened with $882 and the closing time, a slight plunge was seen and thus it closed at $860. Yesterday’s price graph saw a lot of variation in which Ethereum reached around $917, at a point of time, which was recorded its highest for yesterday.

4. Ripple:

A few days back, Ripple generated quite a few waves for its surging prices but currently, it is now struggling with a huge -19% of loss, as witnessed in last 24 hours, in the crypto market.It opened at around $0.94 and closed on $1.07. The highest was recorded around $1.30.

5. Litecoin:

The silver to the Gold (Bitcoin), Litecoin opened at a price of $163 but closed to a low price of $155. The highest price jumped only to $169, which is not that significant for investors. However, a significant low was evident when it plunged to $149 yesterday. In the last few hours, it is trading in the market with a loss of -13%

6. Stellar:

The stellar performance of XLM is losing its shine because of its change in prices with -17% loss. It opened up yesterday with $0.39 and closed with $0.40. The highest jump XLM could make yesterday was around $0.40. It is in its early stages, such type of fluctuations can be expected.

7. NEO:

NEO too has sadly witnessed a -17% of loss, in past few hours. It opened with $117 but closed to a lower rate of $110. It raised a little bit to its highest of yesterday’s price which was $122.

8. NEM:

With a loss of -15% in last 24 hours, NEM opened yesterday with $0.59 and closed with the same $0.59. It marked its highest of yesterday’s price with $0.64.

9. EOS:

The yesterday’s graph for EOS did not witness any major highs and lows. It is currently standing in the market with -15% of plunge in prices, as observed in 24 hours. It opened with $9.61 and closed with $9.10. The highest leap made by EOS yesterday was of $10.30.

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