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Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash

Dec 13, 2017 Posted /  1673 Views

Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash

Bitcoin is reaching the mass adoption because the futures trading has initiated on the CBOE from 6 in the evening (ET) on Sunday and similarly on the CME will begin from December 18. After the buying for mania of the past few days, the question in everybody's mind is if the trading in futures can enhance costs higher or will the short-term sellers will utilize this opportunity to sink costs further.

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This is an uncommon occasion; therefore, it is extremely complex to predict the conclusive result. However, the vulnerabilities and market volatility will probably continue to be towering in the initial hours and days of futures trading, because both the bulls and the bears are striking at the CBOE.

Although the intraday traders can use the prospect to proceed from the volatility, as it will be a hard time for the investors. In addition, it will be watchful to uncover how will the buying and selling in Bitcoin influence the alt-coins?


The impetus in Bitcoin penetrated through the crucial Fibonacci retracement and resistance levels. It rose high to $17237.44. Subsequent to three big days, the first few hours of futures trading is expected to be extremely unstable. It is tough to forecast, in which direction will the value move. The populace can only persist on certain levels and work with them as the volatility subsides.

On the lower side, support is standing at $12734.97 and $11344.15, which can be accounted for 38.2% and 50% according to Fibonacci retracement rally from $5450.86 to $17237.44. On the plus side, if the value of the Bitcoin ruptures to a new high, its upcoming level of resistance will be the Fibonacci extension level of $18281.68.

It is important to note here that these levels are simply guidelines and at any point in time in future, Bitcoin can breach this or return downward because of market volatility. So anyone has to trade with caution.


Ethereum alleviated a little in a triangle surge and is now settling between $390 and $480. On December 7 it reconciled for the second time $390 and it can be termed as a strong support value. However, the bears felt powerless and incapable of descending Ethereum below $390. On the other hand, bulls will endeavor to make it breach $480 worth. If Ethereum emerges victorious in this rally it is quite likely that it will target $652.

Apparently, if the bears are able to sink the digital currency beneath the support worth of $390, the bull’s target of the higher rally will be invalidated. As a result, traders will be capable of keeping their loss slightly lesser than $390.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash last week declined briefly on the stop loss levels. However, the downward slant was just temporary and prices improved quickly. Bitcoin Cash is right now ranging between $1129.33 and $1758.4. According to the market researchers, it is presently in the middle range.

The enthusiasts are suggesting that individuals should think of buying at a breakout above $1760 levels. Similarly one can stop for a further decline to $1129 for beginning on any new arrangements. However, if the Ethereum breaks down to $1129, it will have support price at $1000 as from the 50-day Simple Moving Average. It is predicted that if this level was broken, a further fall to $854 is also probable.


On December 06, Ripple broke further down the stop loss of $0.218. Nonetheless, the currency established its support price at $0.20 only to jump back piercingly. The digital currency has been able to form a big climbing triangle pattern, which completed with a breakout of $0.3.  Again, it is expected now, that the trend streak of this climbing triangle is can act as a strong support.

Ripple will be pessimistic if the fall tilts below the tread pattern. So, the rally of $0.30, which is on the cards, was sufficed. The volatility inside the triangle might create the best buy near the trend line or you can wait for the breakout higher than the operating cost resistance.


As expected by many cryptocurrency forecasters, Litecoin gained from the 20-day Exponential Moving Average. The 20-day SMA period provided a sturdy buying, which impelled it to new heights. The channel breakout had a pattern, which targeted $154, leading Litecoin to reach $157.36. While the price reached its target, certain profit is certain at the present level.

The researchers are expecting few days of consolidation subsequent to which the bulls will make an attempt to restart with the upward trend.  The next target in the upward trend can be only delved after the consolidation. Nonetheless, the currency is expecting to find support at $140.22 and $129.612.


Dash also gained from the 20-day EMA last week, where purchasing materialized, and the currency was taken back to the ascending channel.

The researchers are anticipating Dash to regain the worth of $815. It is expected that on condition that the bulls manage to breach the overhead resistance. Only then anybody will be able to finally find a rally towards the resistance line of the ascending channel. Dash will be considered unenthusiastic only after a decline below $640 levels.

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