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Peerbanks - CEO, Team and their Vision

Aug 23, 2017 Posted /  3792 Views

Peerbanks - CEO, Team and their Vision

Peerbanks - CEO, Team and their Vision

1. What is Peerbanks?

Peerbanks provides an important asset services which provides a fair and transparent, web based Waves Platform. Their code is decentralized and immutable,because of the use of Waves protocol. The smart contract layer runs entirely on the Waves Blockchain. 

2. Peerbanks Protocol

Peerbanks has an auditable , transparent , verifiable and the Decentralized nature of Waves protocol, which ensures that PeerBanks IRA is unchangeable and  always available, with no possibility of downtime through the hosting issues, DDOS attacks or any other forms of intended interference to the service.

3. PeerBanks Platform

Peerbanks is creating and working on a platform for IRA Companies to use it to give their clients the pension plans.The customer will be assigned savings in retirement funds and monthly money in their local currencies.

4. IRAs and Peerbanks

The IRA Companies will use the PeerBanks IRA similar to an exchange asset, the person will decide a contract IRA in where every months automatically their take a money of your plan 401k altering your money by PeerBanks IRA and PeerBanks PBK in the IRA Company of your country or state.

5. The Developers and inverstors of Peerbanks

a. Carlos Nanita

He is the main person behind Peerbanks. He is the CEO of Peerbanks. He looks after the development of cryptocurrency assets, tokens, ethereum ubiq and waves.

He is the developer of website developer, Android Applications who is graduated in business marketing at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

He was the one who integrated the team, as well as led as the manager of the part of social network of PeerBanks.

b. Tetsuhiro Ueda

He is a private consultant in retal and finace. He is working as a business consultant, he was also invited to the team for his interest in connecting the PeerBanks with the IRA companies in Japan and other neighboring countries , as he is in charge of looking for investors and IRA Companies for the PeerBanks project in the second stages of crowd Sales.

c. Matt Mitchell

He is a cryptocurruncy specialists CTO at Token, , who is from the University of Huddersfield Norwich.He  is the person who developed the idea, on how the PeerBanks Platform will work and will be able to exchange among the assets that are inside the Platform Waves Dex. 

d.  Patrick Dunnewolt

He is the Executive director with Goldman sachs asset management.Head of the Benelux Region at PIMCO, from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is the master of the Idea for the incorporation of the IRA companies with PeerBanks.

6. Their vision

The CEO of Peerbanks states that they see PeerBanks as a reality and a current need, in the world of crypto currencies.

PeerBanks has come as a supporter for all the virtual currencies as their growth potential will be taken away by this wonderful Tool that will be utilized by many of the IRa companies.

7. Peerbanks Assets

The PeerBanks platform provides our Peerbanks assets with a fully transparent and fair investment without the use of any server architecture. Peerbanks is a  

platform for fully decentralized blockchain investment based on Dapps. Powered by the Waves Platform network, and they are the world’s first fully  

decentralized IRA’s Funds for retirement of the people. And thus they aim to make platform which will help people to have a smooth and easy journey after  


8. IRA Companies

Peerbanks Platform will be able to assist the IRA Companies, to make the exchange and transfer to the clients in dollars on a monthly basis as others can obtain their Ira-Roth plans with PeerBanks, which will be all under the regulation of the country which has approved the operation of Bitcoin.


9. Convert BTC/ETH to Peerbanks

It is known that an IRA company has all the permits to function within its country since they are sanctioned institutions to put forward these services in fact many IRA's offer ETH and BTC but now they will have the advantage with PeerBanks Platform to simply convert your ETH and BTC to PeerBanks.

10. Final Note

Their idea of Peerbanks is a project, on a large scale and working globally and for that it needs funds to carry out the project, and for that they need to hire distant support staff that will support IRA companies from all parts of the world and in different languages.

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