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NodeJs vs. Ruby on Rails

May 08, 2017 Posted /  2173 Views

NodeJs vs. Ruby on Rails

The numbers of web developers are increasing day by day. One of the main reasons for this increase in the number of web developers is the advancement of the internet. The accessibility of internet to a large number of people has also played a major role in the increased demands for the web developer. There are many things that you have to decide before starting your career as a full stack web developer. What is the programming language that you are going to use? You might have heard of any languages like JavaScript, NodeJs, PHP, ruby on rails and much more. But, which one should you to go for. So, let’s focus on the two latest programming languages namely NodeJs and Ruby on Rails and try to find out which one is better for you.

1.    NodeJs is based on the language JavaScript whereas Ruby on rails is based on the language Ruby.

2.    As a web developer, you have to learn the JavaScript for the Front-end of the web site. So, if you use the JavaScript for the backend side, it will save your time and effort for learning the separate language. This means that you just only need to know the JavaScript and you can make a complete website.

3.    If you are completely new to the web development then you should know that learning JavaScript is harder than learning ruby on rails.

4.    If you learn NodeJs then it would be easier to shift to another language if needed in future because NodeJs is nothing but the JavaScript.

5.    The NodeJs can be used to make the real-time applications like chat application.

6.    Ruby on rails is easier to use and there are lots of users that are actually using it rather than NodeJs which has less number of the user. So, there is large community base for Ruby on rails users.

7.    The development of any web app is faster if you use ruby on rails because it offers many inbuilt features which reduce the code size.

8.    Ruby on rails is slower than the NodeJs. So, if you need a language that is fast and reliable you should go for NodeJs.

So, deciding about the programming language is not easy but it depends upon you which one you find it easy to learn. There is demand for both the language but slowly NodeJs is getting more popular than the ruby on rails.

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