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New York Woman Laundering Money through Credit Cards and sending it to Fund ISIS in Syria

Dec 16, 2017 Posted /  2908 Views

New York Woman Laundering Money through Credit Cards and sending it to Fund ISIS in Syria

Money From New York to ISIS Terrorist in Syria

A Pakistani American Woman, Zoobi Shahnaz is being accused in a New York City court for allegedly stealing tens of thousands of funds from people's’ credit cards and sending it overseas to facilitate terrorist activities in Syria. The money was reportedly stolen from American Express Bank, Chase Bank, Discover Bank and TD Bank before sending the bulk cash to ISIS terrorist groups in Syria via BTC. On the other hand, the lawyer who represented Miss Shahnaz insisted that the 27-year-old was sending money to aid Syrian refugees although the claim is being heavily refuted by US prosecutors.

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Miss Shahnaz reportedly obtained over $85,000 by giving wrong information to different Banks. The US prosecutors obtained internet search history of Miss Shahnaz which included among others key words like. “top female Jihadis” and “one-way tickets to Istanbul”. It’s reported that the 27-year Pakistani American woman bought a two-way ticket to Istanbul, an ideological tactic being used by ISIS to recruit foreign fighters into the country. Two-way tickets attract less attention from anti-terrorist agencies like the CIA and FBI.

The woman worked in a Manhattan Hospital as a Lab Technician until June this year when she quitted her job purposely to get ready to flee the country and join the Islamic Jihadist in Syria. The case only reached the limelight after a Manhattan Grand Jury indicts the accused revealing the charges of bank fraud, money laundering and supporting a foreign terrorist organization. The defense lawyer representing the accused, Steve Zissou, claimed that the money was purposely sent to facilitate Humanitarian Activities in Syria.  Miss. Shanaz is reported to have participated in a humanitarian effort under the Syrian American Medical Society early in 2016.

Most Parts of the criminal Activity was conducted In Fiat Currency

The culprit is being accused of perpetrating the criminal mastermind between March and July of this year, which ended with Mr. Zissou who now stands as her lawyer purchasing over $62,000 worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. US prosecutors believe that the woman successfully used the money she laundered from successful credit card scams to buy cryptocurrency which she would send to aid foreign terrorist groups. The culprit’s plan was foiled at the last moment as she tries to get on board of a flight from JFK internal airport destined to Istanbul via Pakistan.

If successfully convicted this case will once again prove the difficulty involved with transferring a significant amount of money via cryptocurrency anonymously without leaving any paper or electronic footprint. Although it has been clearly stated that most of this crime has been perpetrated using Fiat Currency media attention will be biased towards the small Pronouncement of Bitcoin in the case.

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