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Neo - Past, present and future

Sep 04, 2017 Posted /  1269 Views

Neo - Past, present and future

Neo - Past, present and future

Neo is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain that can be the upcoming Blockchain based programmers huge point of interest. Majority of the information about it is still majorly available in Chinese, but it is progressing day by day. Many factors make for a low current coin value and market capitalization. We can say that the true value of Neo is quite higher. Let us discuss more about this cryptocurrency.

NEO - Its past

Initially called as Antshares blockchain, it was China's first innovative public chain, a digital platform developed in China and open source project. NEO is the new name for the improved version of Antshares. It serves as a smart assets platform. Smart asset is the combo of smart contract of blockchain and the digital assets, which allows for a better method for the assets registration,circulation and issuance. Digital assets are in the form of electronic records and with blockchain technology digital assets become decentralized, trustless, visible and extremely transparent. Some say ANS (Neo, after rebranding Antshares) is the Ethereum of China. NEO is a drastically different and extra powerful than Antshares and gives massive chance for investors and programmers in a similar way.

Its features

NEO is a mixture of  digital identity, digital assets, smart contracts, making it a completely digitized economy that will be transparent and secure, that makes money laundering impossible. NEO is an exclusive amongst the blockchain cryptocurrencies because of the flexibility of the blockchain it is based on. Contrasting from Bitcoin, which only allows for the cryptocurrencies and nothing in programming. NEO is quite simple to learn and understand. It has the ability to work with almost every programming language available. 

Its present status

NEO now is in the top ten cryptocurrencies with regard to the market value. While few days ago NEO may have been trying to take the limelight from Ethereum,  it now appears to be trying to make its own path ahead. Compared to Ethereum, NEO asserts that its smart contracts do better in terms of determinism, scalability and compatibility. NEO uses compilers friendly with Java, C#, and .NET, and will also support Python, Go, and others in the upcoming days. NEO is not based on a POW mechanism, and so there is no mining compulsory. This has been a huge loss to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, NEO has improved its blockchain nodes,social media,  technical documents, official site and also exchange name globally, representing the conversion from Antshares version 1.0 to NEO smart contract system version 2.0. 

The future

The future of NEO is brilliant, as the world begins to know the simple elegance that is built in the NEO blockchain system. NEO will continue to gain market share, as it has already started to indicate, and may exceed even Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in terms of its market share. While companies, investment firms, programmers and others understand the power and adaptability of NEO, it may grow to be the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Its design and features have sited NEO to be extremely successful in the coming years.

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