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NAU: revolution method of connection customers and retailers!

Nov 02, 2017 Posted /  11986 Views

NAU: revolution method of connection customers and retailers!

The retail affair

Blockchain may possibly be an emerging technology in the retail sector. Though, because of its knack to deliver inexpensive, safe sharing of information and price, which is anticipated, to compete for the potential of the Internet, it evidently has the aptitude to bring a pioneering revolution in the retail value chain. Many theses which have been put by industry experts about why the retail leaders are energized as well as precautious about the technology, doubting if they should take a jump to achieve the benefit or confer the technology some extra time to establish. The reply to the queries can simply be given if we think of events which happened at the sunup of digital commerce when numerous retailers portrayed a play the waiting game position, simply to observe their businesses getting disturbed by the online competitors.

When things get digitized
People who took the first step understood the true amount of Internet’s commotion of the retail market acted swiftly and thus flourished. Retailers around the world face sheer challenges in the form of restricted supply visibility that leads to instability, environmentally-aware customers who order durable goods which increase the demand for product's genuineness in addition to the higher transaction fees from third-party payment processors. Apart from these issues, additionally, the difficulty of fake products that make a hole in the legitimate sales volumes as well as destabilize the brand value. Unmistakably, Blockchain is not only about banking and currency. When arranged in the approved manner, retailers stand to obtain a huge number of profits, varying from a growth in consumer faith plus lesser operational costs, along with tighter relationships with partners across their distant networks.

Deciphering Retail sector via Blockchain
Despite the fact that there’s no universal remedy for solving the markets many disputes, here’s how blockchain based platform NAU ( has come up with a game-changing and a unique platform for the retailers.
Their abiding master plan is to aim at developing the basic solution that coherently connects the retailers with customers via numerous of marketing strategies and skills. The NAU API plans to embrace many third-party services. There will be many opportunities for NAU partners like publishers with local websites, advertising agencies and CPA networks, geolocation applications, cash back services and much more. NAU will release the detailed API description after its launch in December 2017. The public presale for NAU token will start soon; interested retailers and investors can go the NAU website to know more about the sale and NAU tokens.

Digitizing coupons:

NAU has come up with the strategy to enter the blockchain world by giving a reformation to the digital coupons. They aim to put a platform which will integrate both customers and the retailer community. Generally, while using coupons, people do not find a proper website and even if they find a site that offers digital coupons, the coupons are not easily accessible. There is a lot of scams involved in such kind of schemes in the name of coupons. The issue which arises for the retailers is that the retailers do not get the coupons at affordable prices, by which they don’t get too many opportunities. The agents in the retail scenario have no profit because the middlemen eat up everything. Looking into the issues which are faced by the people involved in the retail sector, NAU has come up with its platform that directly connects retailers with customers through special offers.  Moreover, the reward for these leads goes to other users, not the middlemen, which cater to faster platform community growth. Due to the unique features of the platform, it serves the all the actors in this scenario profitably, where:
1. Customers can save money by redeeming special offers.
2. Retailers get the leads and reward the customer's community
3. Customers can make the profit by inviting their network to join the platform.

The mechanism of the NAU platform can be inferred by the simple example given below:
For instance, if an advertiser creates an offer (a discount, a gift or second item free) paying at least 1 NAU token for each redemption of this offer. 95% of the reward goes to the user who has invited the redeeming customer to NAU. Such approach encourages the users to share NAU application within their social areal. Each user is someone’s follower, therefore, backing the vision of leaving most of the funds in the “advertisers - customers - advertisers” eco-system.

Why did NAU take up the blockchain technology?
NAU affirms as well as performs the absolute transparency for all the participants of the advertising assets exchange process. Every person can check a number of tokens paid by the advertiser for each sale and make sure the affiliate has received 95% of this amount. This approach also guarantees there is no hidden token emission from the system besides the declared token sale amount. The platform itself becomes more reliable and safe as the blockchain is stored on multiple nodes that confirm each transaction. This platform utilizes a private blockchain based on the MultiChain technology. Transactions within the blockchain are visible to anyone through the proprietary public monitoring service. One can also start his own monitoring service by setting up a node. This approach has been chosen instead of using public blockchain networks to avoid paying the rewards for miners for each transaction as these rewards do not match the microtransaction model within NAU.

NAU token sale:

The maximum amount of tokens available for sale will be 1 billion. Tokens will be released on ERC 20 platform following the end of the token sale main round. Additional tokens are to be released where:
1.  20M tokens to be distributed between project advisors with 12 months lock-up period. 10M tokens to the advertiser's promotion fund (10 tokens credited to each new advertiser).
2. 10M tokens to the user's promotion fund (1 token credited to each new user).
3. 5M tokens are reserved for the bounty-program participants. After the main round of token sale is over, additional 24% of the overall sold amount will be released and locked on a separate smart contract.
4.These tokens will be available by 1% each month starting from the 7th month after token sale completion - this is the founding team reward vesting program. ERC 20 tokens can’t be used within the NAU platform.
5. For that, they should be exchanged 1:1 to the native NAU tokens starting from the moment the official beta is released. Tokens from advertisers and users promotion fund as well as bounty-program rewards would be automatically transferred so that the eligible accounts would be credited according to the aforementioned plan.
6. The users can later do the reverse exchange that will be subject to the commission in native tokens.

The NAU token:
Starting from Oct 1, 2017, the private presale round is active. The price on this stage is set at $0.04/token with 300% bonus and only qualified investors with investments over $50k in any equivalent are eligible to participate. There is a hidden cap on this round. Advisors are eligible to purchase up to $50k equivalent in tokens during the private pre sale at a special price that is $0.005/token with 6 months lock-up period. On Nov, 1 the public round of token sale would be announced starting with a 120-hour sale limited to 50M tokens priced at $0.04 each with 35% bonus. The main round will be calculated by the equation where 1B minus 50M minus PRE SALE QUANTITY SOLD would be divided into 4 equal parts. The first part will be sold at $0.04/token, the second part at $0.06/token. Unsold tokens would be kept on a smart-contract and available for purchase anytime (if available) at ETH 0.01/per token

The initial roadmap of NAU:

1. From October 15 - October 25  NAU will initiate its private presale round
2. In Mid October there will be MVP app private release
3. In Sept-Oct the local offices will launch
4. On September 26 - NAU will participate in Blockchain Live 2017 conference, Saint-Petersburg
5. On September 28 - NAU will participate in MAC 2017 conference, Moscow
6. On October 31 - NAU will participate in CAC 2017 conference,
7. On November 1 - NAU will conduct a 120-hour public presale
8. From 10 Nov - 17 Dec - The main token sale round will be in December along with the official beta release.

The NAU Business model:

The platform charges 5% of each transaction of tokens from advertisers to users and 0.5% of each transaction between the wallets. It also enables advertisers and agents (on behalf of advertisers) to use tokens to purchase push-in contacts to the segmented audience, the ‘featured’ badge and other marketing tools within the platform.

What is the Third parties scenario in NAU?
NAU platform features API allowing using its features from the outside. Currently, the following third parties are considered:
1. Advertiser representatives (previously accredited agencies and freelance agents) capable of creating and managing multiple advertiser accounts, their offers, refill token wallets etc. This is also available through the web agent interface.
2. For publishers, they have already secured agreements with a few publishers that will use the API to show NAU offers to their audience based on Geolocation. They are greatly attracted by the 95% reward model and absolute transparency of the platform.
3. Exchange platforms, that can be integrated into web user interface and offer a token exchange to any other assets and vice versa.

What has NAU aimed for?

NAU is the platform that directly connects customers and retailers using the blockchain technology to guarantee transparency and reliability. Besides being a customer redeeming special offers from retailers, any user can be their associated affiliate partner. This is absolutely disruptive for the current market paradigm, where middlemen share the advertising money and users have almost zero motivation to recommend and share within their circles of communication. By creating a direct customer-retailer connection with most of the money left on this interaction pair, NAU creates a new reality for both consumers and retailers.

Why opt for NAU?

1. NAU is almost free to start.
To create and activate a single offer a retailer needs a minimum of 10 tokens which is way lower than initial deposits in CPA networks.
2. NAU is for everyone.
Whether it’s a retailer capable of giving big discounts, a high-margin goods seller or a small business that needs 10 sales per week, NAU welcomes every SMB to join the platform and start getting customers.
3. NAU is borderless.
There are no currencies exchanging issues that impose retailers to seek for new affiliate partners in each country where they want to start their business.


1. NAU is free.
Special offers within NAU are always free to use, customers are charged for the good or service they purchase at the merchant point, never prior to that.
2. NAU is rewarding.
By sharing experience and inviting other users, NAU users can make a profit, being rewarded by retailers for each offer redemption by their followers.
3. NAU is diverse Besides discounts
NAU offers various other options for customers, including a popular ‘second item free’ concept.


1. NAU is profitable.
Attracting users to NAU result in lifetime commission of 95% of retailer payments which is absolutely unbeatable.
2. NAU is transparent.
All transactions are stored in blockchain and can be monitored and checked anytime, so no room for traffic cheating or shaving.
3. NAU is flexible.
Publishers can take advantage of NAU API to target their audience based on location and offer redeeming habits, improving conversion.


1. NAU is efficient and transparent.
Agencies can power up their client's digital marketing campaigns with an affordable, traceable and usable tool.
2. NAU leaves room for agent fees.
As retailers don’t pay crazy commissions and avoid crazy discounts, they can allocate part of the money saved to hire marketing professionals who could effectively manage their NAU accounts.

NAU utilizes everything that makes SoLoMo marketing solution beneficial and successful. The core principle of NAU is the win-win approach, which is something the world of advertising and affiliate marketing seems to be missing nowadays. This has been virtually impossible before, but the blockchain technology and crowdfunding through initial token sale have opened the window of opportunity for the solutions one could hardly imagine a few years or even months ago.

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