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More Than A million People Register to Study Cryptocurrency Related Courses

Nov 03, 2017 Posted /  2645 Views

More Than A million People Register to Study  Cryptocurrency Related Courses

Bitcoin Playing a Big Role in Normalising Cryptocurrency Studies

Studying cryptography has been around for quite some time now though mostly at PHD levels. Given the fact that  few people study PHDs compared to those who study Bachelor Degrees cryptography was mostly common among the least portion of the population of the academic fraternity. Thanks to Bitcoin and its high performance for Pulling interest of the general public into choosing to study cryptocurrency related courses. Its reported that more people have enrolled for the standard University cryptography course taught by professor Dan Boneh. In an interview with CNBC recently Prof. Boneh was quoted saying,

“The attraction to Cryptography study is attributed to the Huge valuation of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It’s a fact that Bitcoin makes Teaching Cryptography a whole lot easier. With the inventions of Cryptocurrency Cryptography has Gained a lot of applications which didn't exist in the pass

Cryptocurrency is a good Project for Students

With the measured amount of success Bitcoin has achieved cryptography has become a hot topic for students. Students are attempting similarly projects to see how far the school projects can go. Cryptocurrency has revolutionised how funding is raised to facilitate startup projects. Through ICOs the value of your project is the chief factor to a chance of successfully raising enough funds for the project. Its expected that more Universities will soon join UC Berkeley and MIT to offer cryptography courses tailored to usher new entrance to the cryptocurrency Industry. As the rule of thumb more education in Cryptocurrency will render Cryptocurrencies more acceptance across the globe.

With numerous traditional and modern day applications a the successful completion of a course in cryptography is one of the easiest way to success in the ICT world. A good Cryptographer in the United states earns tops of $150,000 annually. A margin higher than very many traditional Engineering courses. Employers for cryptographers range from large IT firms to small cryptocurrency startup companies.

The possible courses Students Can Take Under Cryptocurrency

Cryptography is the Backbone Technology used in cryptocurrency, studying a cryptography course can  be the starting point to a successful career in Cryptocurrency. You can choose to Enroll for the course online via cousera, Udacity, edx and other online study platforms or you can apply for admission at a university offering the course. Currently both MIT and stanford University offer courses in cryptography. Some universities like stanford also offers it’s cryptography course online allowing the possibility of Distant learning. Cryptography being basically  means of securing information will have a boom in employment numbers in the coming few years. This boom is all attributed to the massive development and acceptance of cryptocurrency thus increasing the application of cryptography.


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