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Monero Malware hurls Proceeds to a University server in North Korea

Jan 10, 2018 Posted /  2369 Views

Monero Malware hurls Proceeds to a University server in North Korea

As North Korean ways are affecting the whole world, the code for a new Monero mining bot has been ailing the computer server located at the major academic institution in North Korea’s Kim Il-sung University.

The rush in North Korean Universities

Cybersecurity solutions developer Alienvaul, disclosed on Jan. 8, 2018 that while scrutinizing the data lately, they found a malware application assembled on 2017 Christmas Eve, the media reports detailed. The team assessed that the application was an installer for software that mines monero. Nonetheless, these kinds of malware are common these days, however, the novel thing here was that the analysts found that the mined cryptocurrency was actually sent to Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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As the media is coming up with their own research and remarking that cryptocurrencies could fundamentally present an economic sustainability to a country as it finds difficult to get sanctions. Consequently, it was not even astonishing that universities in North Korea witnessed gave a comprehensible significance to the use of cryptocurrencies. Lately, the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology even encouraged foreign experts to give a seminar on cryptocurrencies. The team says that the Installer that they have analyzed so far could be the outcome of their current activities.

The hacker’s Nation

Most of the mainstream media have been found giving the spotlight to Monero lately. There are publications and publications pertaining to financial assets around the world who are repeating that the criminals, terrorists and hoarders are leaving bitcoin as their sole digital finance and looking for alternatives in Altcoins. It is widely accepted by people around the world that North Korea is a hackers’ nation, which is majorly conscientious for the cyber attacks on the Western nations.

Although both counts are expected to be accurate, cynics might speculate whether the North Korean demonization was all elements of a psy-op to achieve public support for a kind of strike (cyber, financial or otherwise) in opposition to the secluded nation. The Alienvault team have also confessed in their report that only for the reason that the code points to Kim Il-sung University doesn’t establish that it is the starting place of the software, acknowledging the alternative that the utilization of a North Korean server is a trick to deceive security researchers.

There have been some occasions when North Korean attackers were mining monero. A group called Andariel captured a server at a South Korean company last year and utilized it to mine the cryptocurrency. However, AlienVault said it had not yet recognized something connecting to the most recent monero mining design to this group or to any other North Korean group.

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