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Model with Bitcoin-themed Shirt catwalks in the New York Fashion Week

Feb 10, 2018 Posted /  12440 Views

Model with Bitcoin-themed Shirt catwalks in the New York Fashion Week

As there are FUDs and rumours doing rounds and the New York Stock Exchange traders sweating onto what is happening in the market and the city of the New York is immersed in all important business matters. There are fashion-statements in making in the name of Bitcoins that is gaining spotlight in the New York Fashion Week's pre-show.

The event which is going to begin on February 8, there was hosted pre-show on Tuesday where the latest haute couture and avant-garde designs were put forth for the audience. The opportunity was seized by zealous Ovadia & Sons'  who presented a Bitcoin-themed outfit carried on by a model.  The model cat-walked into the prestigious and most popular Fashion Week and gained huge spotlight and talks in response.

Bitcoin finding expressions

It can be seen these days that Bitcoin has been finding expressions in most of the places around the world. While Bitcoin Couture was one which got good media light being in the New York Fashion Week, it has been popping its head in the most unlikely places on earth too. Recently, it found itself on the acceptance list of Canada's Kentucky Fried Chicken's menu. We are officially in the space where everything is finding a place on the blockchain and blockchain backed solutions are becoming inevitable.

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We know that fashionistas get inspiration from the society and picks up everything in Vogue which explains coming up of Bitcoin-based couture. This also means that Bitcoin is becoming mainstream everywhere. However, the work of mainstreaming is taking place slowly and steadily and this was the first time it actually did a catwalk. Fashion designers in platforms as big as this pick up themes and subjects which hold little sensitivity and require an understanding of the underlying issues.

Now this means that we need to still comprehend distributed ledger technologies. The cryptocurrency space is also hot in the moment and everybody is talking about what is happening in its space. This means that even the logo of the bitcoin on a silk shirt would work to give you spotlight.

Nonetheless, Ariel and Shimon Ovadia’s coda to NYFW saw them draw their inspiration from punk, Silicon Valley, and crypto. A collection of 35 men’s pieces were showcased in the NYFW in pre-show and the highlight for bitcoiners was the natty green shirt paired with a faux sailor’s cap. There was additionally a slogan too that ran along with the logo “Bitcoin accepted – No cash” on the side of the shirt. Anyone would have wondered what the haunted look in the model’s eyes signalled as he traipsed down the catwalk as he was holding some heavy crypto bags.

Most of the pieces presented at events like these are haute couture that is never destined to make it to the high street.  Nonetheless, should any self-styled fashionistas that might fancy and replicate the theme is a different story. However, we are sure it to be a grand seller for the Bitcoin lovers.

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