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McAfee says Bitcoin to reach USD 500000 in 3 years

Jul 25, 2017 Posted /  5143 Views

McAfee says Bitcoin to reach USD 500000 in 3 years

McAfee’s bold statement on Bitcoin

John McAfee is an astounding founder of an antivirus software company.  He is also a former fugitive cryptocurrency backer who acclaims a bet on his manhood. He forecasts thatbitcoin shall reach $500,000 within three years. In the Bitcoin world, price predictions are always very interesting. Especially considering over the weekend how the price turned very bearish. The positive sign is Bitcoin’s price is slowly rebounding. John McAfee introduce a rather bold statement one Bitcoin can become as much as half a million Dollars in three years.

The name John McAfee has become very famous in present times in relation to Bitcoin. His statement is very controversial statement and aims at saying the least. Over the next three year the rate of increasing is very challenging and appears to be incredible. It looks impossible. People discussed that it is a very controversial statement.

Over the weekend Bitcoin’s price is turning quite bearish, it is good to see it slowly bouncing back; but about the price of one bitcoin by 2020 John McAffe’s statement is very bold. As a pioneer in software and security his name was outside the space of digital currency. He was participating in a digital currency, as it becomes “Standard for the world” – This was said by a former programmer at NASA, last year, but now it aims to get the attention of the community. He has taken social media for his prediction and thinks bitcoin shall flourish in three years.

He is so confident in his belief that he made a very erotic tweet which said, he shall eat his own di*ck if the bitcoin rates don’t go as high as predicted by him.

What does it mean for bitcoin holder?

McAFee also remarked that people are going to get the experience and shall become the experts to apply the blockchain to their security product. It also enhances the confidence in the bitcoin holders. If the creator himself isn’t satisfied with his invention, who else will be then? Moreover, it also acclaims that bitcoin is going to be world standard alternate for currency. Therefore, all the transactions and the deals to be made in the near future shall be performed using the Bitcoins. He also says it cannot be merely a bubble, where bitcoin needs to prove its utility, it shall prove it.

McAfee also discloses the fact that he has never experienced the taste of defeat or failure and therefore isn’t interested at all in opening a new chapter of failure in his book of life.

The New York based company decides to give few free coins to the users who have just started using it. It is presumed that this is another step in the crypto – currency community’s efforts for the sector to mature and draw it broader user and for the investor base. Bitcoin is currently under pressure as feuding fractions disagreed on how to help them keep the digital asset scale.

Apart from the salient features bitcoin embraces its users with; there is still this dilemma in the minds of people regarding its sustainability and authenticity. One of the measure drawbacks in bitcoin is the lack of any central authority to monitor and supervise it. The major argument between the camps transcend

the purely technical to encompass politics and philosophy. It basically raises the prospect of the crypto-currency splitting into two. Still, it needs an up gradation.

In order to prevent it from any discrepancies it is verified by so called bitcoin miners in batches known as blocks. These are then strung together to form the decentralized open ledger known as block chain. But the faith is still redeemed because of the soared record levels. It has gained even more popularity since the past nine years.

Just like, the pros there are cons of everything that persists in this world. Similarly, like the users, the supporters there are some people who are in the opposition of the Bitcoins. These are the core developers who have turned out to be very bug – proof. They give stiff competition to the bitcoin market. Even after these obstacles and hurdles there is this certain thing which keeps it in the run.

The nine years of blood, sweat and tears of the miners have made it world’s preeminent cryptocurrency. The users are not entirely contended, but then bitcoin has these amazing offers which still bind the people with it. Though not everyone, but the ones who are the bitcoin users find it very efficient and prominent.  Another attraction point is that the total amount of printed bitcoins is limited; therefore the probability of getting duped decreases.

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