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Jan 03, 2018 Posted /  3916 Views opens up about its Bitcoin cash ‘Shapeshifting’ Trades

In October, there were reports about the launch of the peer-to-peer trading platform called Localbitcoincash. The website has been updated quite number of times since then, and now even more users are exchanging, and using the platform. In the recent media update the creators of the exchange are planning to add a ‘shapeshifting-like’ service to the portal soon.

The (LBCH) has grown popular among crypto-enthusiasts worldwide and people from the U.S., Venezuela, Singapore, Australia, Norway, the Philippines, and more are selling bitcoin cash. The trades have been varying between 0.01 to 20 BCH per trade. However, the website is completely different from how it was first launched, and the interface is operating quite smoothly. The biggest advantage is registering and interacting with the platform, which takes just few minutes.  

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Just recently the developer of the website an individual who goes by the name ‘Eric’ did an ask-me-anything (AMA) on the Venezuelan Reddit forum, giving residents from the area some insight into the project. Because Venezuelan citizens are using the platform to purchase and sell bitcoin cash, Eric thinks BCH is the perfect cryptocurrency fit for their needs.

Bitcoin cash allows almost everyone anywhere in the world, to transfer money to each other for less than one cent, immediately, securely, without requiring any permission from any mediators or central authorities like banks or governments, and its worth does not get shattered by hyperinflation.

The LBCH platform is comparatively different from its Localbitcoins counterpart. For example, LBCH has an attributing service where users can also email BCH to their kin or friends. Moreover, trades are also operative through escrow, which utilize methods like a bank transfer, or also the users can meet each other nearby.

In fact, the “meetup” option is most popular among the active traders at present. Additionally, the peer-to-peer BCH trading platform has given a customer support phone number with a directory of businesses and merchants that acknowledge bitcoin cash. Moreover, the businesses, which accept BCH can be searched using the index and also the merchants can append themselves to the list

The ‘Shapeshifting’ Application

The developer has lined more plans, as he recently was meticulous about “no fees shapeshifting/changelly” application, which is now coming to LBCH. The developers team explained that Bitcoin cash would be the base currency, and states that “lower the barrier for people to trade any altcoins into bitcoin cash or into fiat, exchanging them into bitcoin cash. The chief developer Eric in a statement says that

“I hope we can go live with those new features within the next few days — When we go live, we will start with just BTC/ETH/LTC/DASH and add other coins over the coming weeks,” the LBCH developer explains.  

It is evident that the user definitely have serious liquidity problems at the start and now the users and the ones browsing the LBCH will be able to see the implementations of BTC/ETH/LTC/DASH be added to the platform when casually perusing through the website. Eric also elaborates that users can anticipate some enhancements with the UI/UX of the website in the coming times.

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