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Lamassu ATMs will now support Bitcoin Cash

Dec 11, 2017 Posted /  1939 Views

Lamassu ATMs will now support Bitcoin Cash

A renowned name and one of the leading Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine manufacturer Lamassu announced on Twitter that Bitcoin Cash support will be available on its machines. The Bitcoin hard fork has been recently gaining affirmation within the ATM ecosystem especially in last few months.

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Lamassu founded by Zach and Josh Harvey in 2013 has about 268 ATMs around the globe. The founders have remarked that they feel the decentralized digital currencies are difficult to access at present and the infrastructural functionality offered by their machines will make it easy for the general populace to utilize it in their everyday businesses. The Bitcoin Cash users can soon obtain it through the company’s most recent update.

There are already few companies like Bitcoinplug that have confirmed their support to the digital asset. The company had notified last month that it has integrated the Bitcoin Cash support in the 21 Los Angeles ATMs. Even General Bytes, the biggest manufacturer of Automated Machines are in the midst of implementing the functionality. Adding all the companies’ projects reveals that approximately 1300 machines worldwide would upgrade with BCH support.

It was being speculated for some time now that major companies would integrate the digital asset into their device's software. And, now by this model endorsement from the manufacturers of the teller machines especially Lamassu, Bitcoinplug and General Bytes is a step forward in the direction of diffusion of the crypto-based innovations among the masses.

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