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Job Opportunities in Blockchain 2018

Dec 11, 2017 Posted /  1605 Views

Job Opportunities in Blockchain 2018

Opportunities in Blockchain technology have risen in last few years. Some people contemplate that soon Blockchain will eliminate the need for intermediaries, offering speedy transactions, and reduced operational costs. Blockchain technologies also have a variety of use cases in industries. It is expected that the blockchain can provide businesses with a more secure method of bookkeeping and documentation.

Blockchain is based on the public digital ledger model, which cannot be altered, thanks to its strong encryption technology. The characteristics of Blockchain, which makes it transparent, are also highly reckoned as the secure and reliable. Blockchain advisors are requested every day to explain how the technology can be employed in their business models. Interestingly, blockchain developers who encompass the necessary skills of the industry are getting paid huge salaries. The advisors also analyze that the expertise acquired in Blockchain could definitely transferred to other engineering industries. The prospects in the digital asset look great but are highly wavering, calculating the uncertainty involved in the industry.

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Witnessing the surge in the value of Bitcoin, which has Blockchain as the underlying technology behind its success, it is expected that the masses would turn affirmative towards Blockchain in the New Year. According to the statistics provided by Google trends, the searches for Bitcoin and Blockchain are getting high. It is expected that in 2018 there will be more job profiles in Blockchain then there were ever before. Let us have look at the career opportunities that could be in demand in the upcoming year-

Blockchain Developer

Scrutinizing the job portals you will find that Blockchain developers will have the maximum opportunities in the industry. Variety of sectors be it Banking, Supply chain, Logistics, Information technology, Insurance etc. are interested in benefiting and improving their Blockchain to better their service and optimize the efficacy of their service.  It is noteworthy that at the moment there are only a few developers in the industry and the people contacting them for the services to improve their Business houses are increasing in number each day.

Legal Services

As the business houses are getting immensely interested in incorporating blockchain technologies, there is an increasing demand for in-house lawyers and legal services in the Blockchain and digital asset space. Lawyers in different countries are being inquired about the administration, governance, and structure of the Initial Coin Offerings. Lawyers are required for the advice on the legal issues, regulations and government policies while implementing Blockchain or Fintech services. As the number of businesses is getting associated with digital assets and blockchain technology the need for legal guidance is escalating.

Project Managers

Before implementing Blockchain to your business, you might want to plan and communicate about the requirements and vision of the company to the Blockchain providers. The Blockchain companies may hire people that will control the projects and outline it according to the requisites of the clients.  The project manager will work with different developers and handle the technicalities involved in incorporating Blockchain technology into the client’s business.


The Blockchain based solution providers will require a web-page or website for information and updates to clients and users about the hosting of token sales, aim of the company, long term and short-term objectives. The companies will, therefore, require web-designers who can create the required web pages by the company.

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