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Is the Yellow Paper delay affecting Ethereum?

Dec 15, 2017 Posted /  2025 Views

Is the Yellow Paper delay affecting Ethereum?

A document named Yellow paper, which is defined as the technical document for the Ethereum Blockchain, stating the comprehensive and significant guidelines for all computers working on the Ethereum network has been delayed to upgrade. The document provides the ethereum developers reference when coding and also provide the points to the clients for working on similar lines without creating bugs.

There were definite signs appearing in the last few days it could sojourn the next update by Ethereum especially when the network is facing a huge congestion caused by the Cryptokitties. Moreover, the developers were relying on the community consensus to ensure the correct working of the blockchain instead of referencing rules put down in the guidebook.

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It is surprising that even there have been no changes made to the technical paper since last year and it has been affecting the abilities of the blockchain. Additionally, the emergence of cryptokitties has fractured the capabilities of the blockchain as the network is struggling to keep up with the clogging and there has been an urgency to adapt to the code.

As the talk of the probable repairs and fixes for the network-clogging has widened, new consideration is being given to the already comprehended problems with the Yellow Paper. Another disappointment added to the list when the consensus bugs surfaced in the Ethereum's latest hard fork upgrade- Byzantium. The reports have been surfacing that the bug could have been alleviated with a more precise and cross-client reference.

The mathematical problem

Adding more worries to the Yellow Paper coding is the mathematical notations. Many developers around the globe prefer certain programming languages and the document has rather been criticized for an unwelcoming starting point for the new developers as it immensely limits the people to indulge in ethereum development. Some experienced developers have been stating that even if you have got a degree in mathematics the developers need to gain a knack to turn specs into a definite mathematical notation.

Presently, the developers around the world are favoring another document called KEVM, which is written, in the programming language K. The reports in the media suggest that this document could as a potential modern day arrangement for ethereum. However, the formal discussions concerning the same have not yet been initiated but it seems like a promising pathway initiated in the forward direction.

The possible gatekeeping

It has been repeated time and again that Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized network, however, as the Yellow Paper has not yet been restructured, all the updates need to pass through the agreement of a single individual. The document in its current state is unlicensed software and its editorial rights are forwarded to a single author.

Apparently, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity Technologies Dr. Gavin Wood is the single listed author, which provides him major powers in relation to the present changes in the paper. Nevertheless, he has been making efforts time and again to begin the transformation, only to return back to the original version.

It has been noted that there were total 29 people listed in contributing to the Yellow Paper in its current state. This collaboration included Ethereum Foundation engineer Yoichi Hirai who has the lead the campaign to make significant changes in the document and has also been consulted by Woods for the future updates.

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