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Is the United States Government Satoshi Nakamoto?

Oct 04, 2017 Posted /  9564 Views

Is the United States Government Satoshi Nakamoto?

Is the United States Government Satoshi Nakamoto?

The anonymity is alive

Satoshi Nakamoto, the famous bitcoin creator, the pioneer to bring in the cryptocurrency concept, is very well known, but only via the name not that any has ever met him personally or he ever gave a public appearance. What lies is a mystery behind this man, which gives rise to many questions like why is he hiding, who is he, is the person behind it is he or she or even they etc. This has given many people to think in different directions about his identity. Some say that it is not a single person but a group of people while others speculate that the US government can be behind the cryptocurrency.

The US on cryptocurrencies

The US Government agencies are looking forward to adopt blockchain technology and bitcoins. In the hope to take these protocols in order to defend the military  from counter intelligence, mass hacking campaigns etc from attacks on their systems. The Pentagon has shown interest in using cryptographically secured blockchains to help their operations. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is also taking interest in blockchain technology. They have presently been interested in creating a messaging application developed on blockchain. The aim of this project is to have a secure platform through which they can send  encoded messages to operatives in warfare situations. The USA is cited to be one of the biggest countries in the world to contribute hugely to the total market cap of bitcoins, which leading the race in terms of having the largest Bitcoin exchange market. Most of the states in the US favor to have Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be deeply regulated because of the risk involving in the bitcoins and other digital currencies. Although there are a few Bitcoin friendly states where Blockchain transactions are not taxed, such as Nevada , Texas and New Hampshire. The US government treats Bitcoin as a commodity investment and dislikes it because is unregulated and does not implements KYC.  Thus, these facts might lead to a very big speculation that it might be behind the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Is it really the US?

This kind of affection for the cryptocurrencies is possessed by the US, as if it is their brainchild. We all are well aware of the fact that bitcoin has its network on the Internet via which it is available to the public. And we also know that many of the protocols of the internet are authorized by the US. Many people do investigation on an another level where we cannot even think. People who discuss on various forums are some interesting characters to hear from, and from the way everyone present their explanation that it is the US behind Satoshi Nakamoto. Because people have inspected that some spellings and the writing pattern in his whitepaper of bitcoin is quite similar to the way it written in the US. The spellings and the use of "we" instead of 'I", is very doubtful. 

In case, of "we", the origin of the person or the group can be of any origin not compusolrily the US, but the writing mannerism can be assumed at one point that it can be the US. Because, a person in any case cannot ever forget the way to write the way he os she has been taught to write and it depends and varies from region to region, like in India, they have a different mannerism to write while in China it is much different.

So, is it really the US behind Satoshi Nakamoto?

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