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Investing in Bitcoin More Profitable than investing in Real-estate Businesses

Dec 12, 2017 Posted /  1382 Views

Investing in Bitcoin More Profitable than investing in Real-estate Businesses

Bitcoin is Becoming a Major Investment Platform Rated more than Real Estate

The demand for improved homes keeps on rising every day with people living in big cities staking their entire career working hard to own a home. This, in turn, has created a multibillion-dollar market for real estate and housing products leading to the emergence of the real-estate industry. Investment in this industry is hefty and requires the approvals of the city or municipal authorities. Major wealthy businessmen have mastered how to get things done in the real estate industry, from pushing for the hard to get city approvals, investment loans to marketing their products. Educational courses were tailored to build up individuals who can navigate this industry ranging from architects and Engineers to marketers and real estate agents. Real-estate is definitely the giant taking the biggest percentage of every family financial Budget.

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So how does Bitcoin a cryptocurrency that just emerged in 2009 compare to real estate which has been on earth for more than 2000 years? Okay for starters, the boom in the real estate industry are all being crafted by central banks in a move to hold citizens in financial captivity of paying for their huge mortgages while pretending to be providing them with decent living space. Bitcoin still remains the only true investment tool giving freedom to its users. Imaging the people who obtained a significant amount of Bitcoin when prices were low at $9, $300, $2,800 or even $10,000 all these categories of people will make significant gains if they sell their Bitcoins at the current market price. So what do you call that?

Comparing Bitcoin with Real Estate: Open your eyes and start Investing

Well, many people are giving lame excuses on Bitcoin that it may collapse, the government might shut it down, prices might drop and so many other related excuses. Well you are right but nothing here on earth is risk-free, how about the US dollar collapses, the wall street, how about another world war spiked by North Korea? All these present immense financial risks but we should just be put and expect the best while preparing for the worst.

For the case of Bitcoin is safe to assume that the currency is here to stay and that prices will keep rising as the years go. Let alone the minor fluctuations which occur frequently due to changing market conditions. The bigger picture remains Bitcoin price will keep rising, reasons being,

The currency has found a use for everybody in the world and there is high demand for it. Just like the US dollar, the demand for Bitcoin will not go down amidst all the events that surround the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin provided a solution which was not yet in existence which is the main reason for its high demand. Secondly, Bitcoin has a limited supply,  in economics, a commodity with a high demand and a limited supply always carries a pumped price so is Bitcoin.

Okay, let’s bring the real estate investment thing into the equation now. Supposing you borrow a bank of about $5 million to develop a neighborhood at say the market interest rate. If I obtain the same amount of money and invest it all into Bitcoin in 5 years when the bank expects you to finish paying up the loan the Bitcoin investment would be worth more than $500 million. How long would it take the real estate business to be worth that much? So that’s the bigger picture, forget the risk they are always there but an investment in Bitcoin will be one of your most brilliant ideas.

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