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Interview with Yuriy Prudius from Woxapp

Aug 09, 2017 Posted /  5190 Views

Interview with Yuriy Prudius from Woxapp

Interview with Yuriy Prudius from Woxapp (Top App Development Company)

Q1. Hi Yuriy, thanks for getting in touch, can you tell us a little about your company?

WOXAPP develops mobile applications for startups and businesses. Our expertise to make your ideas turn into products.

Q2. Mention about your talent in developmentor your achievement in app development?(Highlight the one you feel the best)

Since 2011 we have implemented over 50 projects.

We hold the second place in the Runet rating among Ukrainian mobile developers in 2015. We have experience in creating high-load systems.

Q3. What are your areas of specialization ?

We make native iOS and Android apps and implement the back-end part, combining design, technologies. 

Q4. Tell us about your dream projects?

Our target is to create an app, which will continually promote your business, in the best possible.

For example, we built an app that functions similarly to Uber – allowing riders and drivers in Switzerland to connect directly to plan and pay for rides. There were a lot of fun complications to overcome such as making the GPS work in tandem with calculating the ride fare, planning trips for multiple riders, etc. The founder said of us, “I can rely on them to always find a solution.” We appreciate that trust!

Q5. Where do you see yourself down the line after 5 years? 

We hope to develop large successful projects that will be useful for customers and profitable for the owners.

Q6. Which industries do you cater to / you would like to work with? 

Industries we serve: enterprises, ecommerce, startups, auto (GPS, taxi...), hotels, restaurants, medicine. In addition, we do social apps (for dating, traveling...) and many other.

Q7. What according to you is the most conventional way to develop an app? Do you suggest the use of native app over hybrid? What are your recommendations? 

We are not adepts of cross-platform development. We make all applications natively. Although we do not exclude that in some projects cross-platform development takes place.

Q8. What is your pricing strategy&What according to you are the parameters to design the cost of app? 

The main criteria is the complexity and labor intensity of the app. The more services it offers, and the more difficult its implementation, the higher the cost will be to build the app.

Q9. What payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? What is the price range of the projects (Min. & Max.) that you catered in 2016? 

The price range of the projects - from $ 8000 to 100 000$.

The estimate is carried out in two stages - preliminary rough estimate and accurate estimate.

Preliminary rough estimate is available free-of-charge within 1 to 2 days.

More accurate mobile app development costs are reinforced by the Agreement, where the terms and development stages, with detailed description of the end result, are stipulated.

Q10. What according to you are the parameters for client satisfaction? 

Firstly, this is a review.

The project manager (who works closely with the client at all stages) takes a review from the client after the project is completed.

Secondly, it’s an analytics.

We monitor the evolution of the project after the publishing. Good results are the best indicator of success!

Q11. Enlist the benefits you experienced with our association. 

It’s a big profit for our promotion in the market, because new interesting projects find us. 

Q12. How far you belief that the scope of the market has widened by the launch of such platform? 

We believe that the scale has expanded significantly. 

App development - it's growing technology and nowadays there are many companies on the mobile apps market. 

Definitely, this platform helps to grow business of apps development.

Thank you Yuriy & keep developing awesome apps!

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