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Interview with Sergey Ryabov from Ahoolee ICO

Jul 25, 2017 Posted /  6637 Views

Interview with Sergey Ryabov from Ahoolee ICO

Interview with Sergey Ryabov from Ahoolee ICO

Q1. Hello Sergey, thank you for your time. To start the conversation, can you explain to us in a few words, What is Ahoolee?

Hi! Ahoolee is a search engine for products. Our general mission is to make it easy to find the cheapest price in the Internet for any product.

Q2. You are launching a search engine, then an ethereum wallet, and then a wallet, can you comment on this?

We’ve already launched an alpha version of search engine. It’s available at Next step is to make own blockchain as an Ethereum fork. It’s necessary to make parsing decentralized. After that we’ll launch own wallet for our blockchain. And all ICO rounds would be started on Ethereum blockchain.

Q3. Can you tell us your vision for the next 5 years with respect to Ahoolee project?

We’re going to be global. We’re sure in 5 years more than 1 million people daily worldwide will use Ahoolee to search for products. We’re going to be a standard for ecommerce and people will go to our search engine to buy anything.

Q4. Can you brief us about your core team?

Our team consists of 14 people including me. We work together for a few years already. My team is very good in programming, algorithms and business development. We need some more people with excellent understand of blockchain technology, but in any case our team is a dream team for this project.

Q5. Why are you doing a pre sale?

We need some marketing funds to make a big ICO, so we decided to make a pre-ICO first to have enough funds to make some marketing.

Q6. Can you comment more on how you compare yourself with Google, Alibaba and Facebook?

Ok, let’s see.

Google is searching for information, not products. As soon as you enter the name of the product, you’ll see lot’s of links and you should go over there and compare prices manually and you can’t be sure you’ll find cheapest price at first pages at all. Google.Shopping is a marketplace and only few shops show their products there.

Alibaba is really good.It connects all Chinese manufacturers, but they don’t have matching at all. So you need to search for necessary products carefully.

Facebook doesn’t have goods’ cards at all, they are like a bulletin board.

Q7. What are the benefits for the early investors?

On our presale our tokens were selling at $0.02 price and on the first round of ICO it would already cost about $0.15 - $0.4 That’s the main benefit.

Thanks and I wish you best of luck.

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