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Interview with Laurent Chekroun from Kencoin ICO

Jul 27, 2017 Posted /  12226 Views

Interview with Laurent Chekroun from Kencoin ICO

Interview with Laurent Chekroun from Kencoin ICO

Q1. Hello Laurant, thank you for your time. To start the conversation, can you explain to us in a few words, What is Kencoin?

The Kencoin is the new revolutionary payment solution for the Adult industry. It is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum protocol and the Blockchain Technology. This payment solution is completely anonymous and completely secure. Our main mission is to create more awareness about cryptocurrency in the adult entertainment businesses in order to drive more adoption from merchants and users of one of the oldest industries. 

Q2. You are from Investment banking background and now into Crypto currency, how does it feel?

Firstly after 24y in finance spent in major institutions and after being in a very entrepreneurial company make me feel very comfortable in the crypto world. I have always been interested by technology and being in finance and doing what I was doing for the last 20y, not having a deep focus in technology stockswould have made me miss many opportunities. Financial market push you to build a very strong generalist basis with a strong understanding of all the mechanism of economy and how to look for growth.

I started to be involved in Crypto at the beginning of mining but I felt it was too soon for people like me…by the way financial markets are the best to learn about timing…and I have a strong feeling that for the last few months since we started to work on Kencoin, that was our  moment our timing to get involved and to go quickly and big to try to help crypto to get to another stage.

So I feel AWESOME here

Q3. What is your vision about Kencoin? And why is it important?

Our Vision for KCN is to be a reference in term of cryptocurrency in the adult industry. Our main goal is to bring to the Adult industry a new era of growth thanks to a safe and anonymous solution of payment over the internet but also in the real retail world. 

In our society there is very few areas left where we can have some real privacy, if you look to what is happening in our world for the last 15y at least we are in such a crazy period that everybody is giving up to very standard freedom and privacy…for most of people they don’t really care until we enter in the very private area...and on this point many people won’t give up they prefer to restrain that giving up…that’s where KCN is essential in the evolution of the adult industry, why restrain when you can do what ever you want with no risk…divorce data show that data breach, technology problems have been major factors in the increase for numbers of divorce in our society. Kencoin is a safe solution to all that issues

Q4. Can you brief us about your core team?

Our team is a very strong one, as you can see on the wallpaper we ave only put Nikolay &Michael  but this is only the front line. For personal and compliance issues few members of the team prefer to not mentioned on the documents for now because they are involved in reglemented business for another few months. All members of the team know each other for more than 10y and have been used to work together in previous experience in finance but also in the tech sector. 

the finance sector in term of intensity and in term of capacity to deliver is one of the toughest sector down here. There is no so many sectors of activity where you know if you are right or wrong in the next second you took a decision. 

We have a huge capacity of work, understanding needs of a new market and how to deliver a new solutions to a market. This team has been very successful in Finance and will be in the Crypto World too…and don’t forget that Crypto is just technology coming in the Finance world and not Finance world coming in technology…we are proud to be one of the first financial team to get involved at that level in the Crypto world.

Q5. Why are you doing an ICO?

ICOs have proved to more an efficient way of raising capital to push your ideas in the crypto world. We’ve decided to introduce Kencoin to the public trough a crowd sale in order to raise funding to actively promote the Kencoin solution and the cryptocurrencies in general directly to the adult industry. We are not a new block chain revolution in terms of technical innovation, but we are a complete revolution in term of how we are going to aggressively promote and market the crypto so it becomes a mainstream method of payment in the adult world. We are confident that early buyers will be highly rewarded thanks to the massive public adoption that we have planned for after the ICO. 

Q6. With 24 years in the financial world, what do you think about Blockchain and crypto world?

Blockchain and crypto world could be a big revolution for the all economy if some real big challenges are tackled and with our Kencoin solution we try to modestly to do our part of that.

Let me explain you my view very quickly, Crypto world need more credibility and security and to be more ethical. This is not incompatible with the idea of bitcoins. A lot of people when they think bitcoins, they think dark web, drug, guns..and all that image need to change and some people could say sex is not a better image and to that I will say that our logic to get involved in the adult industry was to be part of one of the biggest market in term of volume and amount and that the adoption of crypto in a market of that size by real end users will open a new era for crypto…less volatility, less speculation, more security more privacy more transactions.

Technology is here and we know how to deal with it, our job is to push for adoption.

Q7. Do you offer any benefits for the early investors?

Yes a few selected investors have been able to purchase some coins pre-ICO. Of course, they benefited from a discount for their early support ranging from 5% to 20% depending on the volume they purchased. This enabled us to further accelerate our marketing and development of the project. Today, we have thousands of people approaching us trough our website in order to inquire about possible investments. 

Thanks and I wish you best of luck.

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