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Interview with Guust Hilte from Combicoin

Sep 18, 2017 Posted /  1150 Views

Interview with Guust Hilte from Combicoin

Interview with Guust Hilte from Combicoin

Q1. Hello Guust Hilte, thank you for your time. To start the conversation, can you explain to us in a few words, What is CombiCoin

CombiCoin is a unique new cryptocurrency. CombiCoin is 100% asset backed by the top 30 currencies with the highest market cap on the cryptocurrency market. At the time of creation each of the top 30 cryptocurrencies will be 1/30th of the assets backing CombiCoin. The CombiCoin will always benefit from the growth of the currencies asset backing it and at the same time diversifying the risk significantly.

The assets backing a CombiCoin are actively managed, this means that no single currency will ever have a high weight within CombiCoin. This leads to a diversification of the risks and opens the market for new investors.

Q2. What will CombiCoin and TRIA tokens be used for? 

CombiCoin is simple way to immediately invest in the top30. When buying a CombiCoin you actually buy each of the top 30 cryptocurrencies at once. 

Thanks to this the CombiCoin will:

- Diversify risk

CombiCoin brings stability to the chaotic market of cryptocurrencies. With the CombiCoin you reduce the risk by diversifying your investment since it evens out all spikes of each individual coin, up and down. Even if one of the currencies backing the CombiCoin drops to 0 USD, it will only affect the total market price of a CombiCoin by 3.33%.

- Have a higher probability of increasing in value

When a currency suddenly surges in price this component of the CombiCoin will increase in price, thus increasing the price of CombiCoin as a whole. In the first six months of 2017 the top 30 grew with 1200%, in the same period Bitcoin grew with 200%.

- Always 100% asset backed by the top 30

Each and every CombiCoin that is or will be issued will ALWAYS be 100% backed by the top 30. There will be a near real-time overview of the currencies that asset back a single CombiCoin on

TRIA Token: 50% of all profit made by smart trading software is distributed monthly to all TRIA token holders.


Q3. Can you tell us your vision for the next 5 years with respect to the project?


After the development of the automatic exchange software and the asset management software is fully developed and tested we will look into launching new kinds of CombiCoin. This will lead to more profit to be shared with TRIA token holders.

Q4. Can you brief us about your core team?


The people behind CombiCoin and Triaconta have vast experience in the field of automated exchanges and defining derivatives. With lots of years of entrepreneurial and advisory experience in the tech and derivative industries the management team together with the advisors are cut out for the task at hand.

Q5. Why are you doing an ICO?

We believe that the best way to launch CombiCoin is with help of like minded investors. Investors who want to see this currency come to the market. With an ICO you reach a lot of potential investors.

The investors we spoke to are enthusiastic about CombiCoin and want to help us succeed by referring CombiCoin to friends and family.


Q6. How long how you been preparing for the launch and what all difficulties did you face?

We have been preparing for over 6 months for the launch of the CombiCoin ICO. Getting the visuals, whitepaper and website to the level we wanted took a lot more work then we initially expected. Figuring out the rules and regulations we needed to follow was difficult as well but our advisers really helped out. Also a special thanks towards Professor Dr. Arie Buijs who helped us define the rules how CombiCoin is constructed and balanced. 


Q7. What is the timeline of the project?

Our ICO will last until September 30, 2017. From the 15th we will start with the purchasing of the assets backing CombiCoin. During the ICO CombiCoins and TRIA tokens will be distributed to investors. So from Launch all CombiCoins will be 100% asset backed. We expect to launch the automatic exchange software in January of 2018.

Q8. What are the benefits for the early investors?


91-99.9% of the funds raised is used for asset backing the CombiCoin, this means that by investing in this ICO you will immidiately receive value for your investment. Also during the ICO per 10 USD investors will receive a TRIA token. TRIA Tokens will receive 50% of the monthly profit made by Triaconta. We believe that this monthly profit share will have a positive effect on the price of a TRIA token on the exchanges.


Thanks and I wish you best of luck.

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