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Interview with Darwin from OX ICO

Jul 10, 2017 Posted /  4760 Views

Interview with Darwin from OX ICO

Interview with Darwin from OX ICO

Q1. Hello Darwin, thank you for your time. To start the conversation, can you explain to us in a few words, what is OX?

Cryptocurrency are the future of every financial transaction, as it will give us freedom and privacy and it will save our time and money everyone is facing inflation issue thing are getting costly and the value of our money is going down. To prevent this we have to start adopting Cryptocurrency as soon as possible. That’s why we started OX foundation to solve the international money transaction problems and our main aim is to promote Cryptocurrency across the globe or every financial transaction.  

Q2. What services do you offer?

OX fina is a revolution for finance industry as we will be the first fin tech and banking solution provider on block chain apps as we have already processed required formalities to do all financial registrations in 2 countries.

But for this we needed a platform where we can trust users so that we can stop illegal activities that’s how Third EYe came in operation, with the Third EYe not only us many other financial organizations can  save time and money as it will collect biometric data and can be accessible by the same biometric user no email id or mobile number for registration only just your eye on Third EYe and its done, to verify your identity we will use any legal id doc to upload so that Third EYe will verify your eye structure and its done it will record your all financial transactions and your financial statutes with OX and with other organizations, but it will be only accessible to the person whom you give authority to check your status in case of funding or loan products so its privet also and all the credit records will be stored in blockchain no one can remove it so if any user do any default in any transaction every organization we know it before dealing in any loan products.


Q3. Can you brief us about your core team?

This idea was not new we were working on it since one year the idea was to open an international bank works on blockchain apps so that we can use digital tokens in all kind of transactions.

So collectively all the flounder members are working to make a trustworthy corporation which will be managed by blockchain community.

Darwin – Smart contact Eng. Founder Team

Bryan – Smart contact Eng. Founder Team

Kumar – Blockchain Expert

Ritika – Digital Marketing Expert / High-Performance Project Management

Q4. What are the benefits for the early investors?

We are offing some good bonuses for early investors 


•             Day 1 – 25% token bonus;

•             Day 2-7 – 20% token bonus;

•             Week 2 – 15% token bonus;

•             Week 3 – 10% token bonus;

•             Week 4 – 5% token bonus;

•             Week 5 – 0% token bonus.


Thanks and I wish you best of luck for your ICO launch.

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