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Interview with Dan Cearnau from COSS

Jul 09, 2017 Posted /  5128 Views

Interview with Dan Cearnau from COSS

Interview with Dan Cearnau from

Q1. Hello Dan, thank you for your time. To start the conversation, can you explain to us in a few words, What is Coss?

COSS is an abbreviation that means Crypto One Stop Solution. It is a digital platform that allows cryptocurrency users to manage their funds online with a single account and covers all their needs related to cryptocurrencies. In one place they can buy, sell, exchange, trade, store and spend cryptocurrency. All these functions are enabled through COSS features such as digital wallet, exchange, merchant list, payments gateway / POS, market ranking, news feed, etc. These are the basic features that we installed prior to soft launch on April 1, 2017, but we will keep on adding more continuously.   


Q2. What all currencies does your Wallet allow to store? Will you be adding more cryptocurrencies in future?

Currently you can store BTC, ETH, LSK, ARK, PAY, BNT, XEM, DASH, LTC, SNM, VRS with several more being listed in the weeks to come. We will definitely be adding more in the future. In fact, cryptocurrency developers can contact us anytime, if they want their crypto to be listed.


Q3. Can you tell us about your exchange platform? What are its benefits for the end user?

COSS is not solely an exchange, but cryptocurrency exchange is one of its major functions alongside with the POS and the merchant list. Very soon we will be adding third-party plugins and services enabled by contracts for instance. So it is wrong to consider COSS as an exchange, because it has a much wider functionality.

The main benefit of using COSS is in convenience and ease for the users with little or no experience of using cryptocurrencies. They can manage their finances, earn and spend crypto in the same place with a single account. They can offer their services and products to other COSS users for crypto. With the payment gateway and point of sale system that we enabled at COSS adding the new payment options takes no time at all.

Q4. You also provide payment gateway for websites to integrate, that’s great! Would you like to comment on this?

Payment gateway is the most popular application of COSS. Out of 1300 registered users and 150 merchants who take a great advantage of this feature.

Q5. Why are you doing a pre ICO? Why do you call it Fire Swap?

We like inventing new words and want to stand out. The pre-ICO is another way of naming the pre-sale, which we are targeting at the strategic partners, advisors and supporters of COSS, the people we highly trust and therefore can rest assured that they will not sell the COSS tokens in the first 24 hours after the release or speculate. It is their reward for helping the COSS ICO to happen and succeed. For us it is very important that the people sharing the same vision as COSS take part in it.   

Q6.  Can you brief us about your core team?

The managing board of COSS is based in Singapore. As you can see on our website and all the papers each of the members have very vast experience in business and all sorts of ventures. The developers are in Romania and they are highly-skilled in building dapps, all kinds of software, and are very up-to-date with the trends and innovations. We take a great pride in the portfolio of advisors and strategic partners too as it is beyond expectation of the largest corporations in the world.

Q7. What are the benefits for the early investors?

The early investors will receive the biggest bonus – 25% of the buy-in that will only be available for 72 hours top. It is limited and very generous. They will be able to take greater advantage of the weekly revenues in the future.


Thanks and I wish you best of luck for your pre ICO launch.

Thank you!

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