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Interview with Artem Chestnov from UBEX.

May 16, 2018 Posted /  2089 Views

Interview with Artem Chestnov from UBEX.

Hi Artem Chestnov, Thanks for giving us your valuable time. 
UBEX seems to be quite innovative. You have used the most advanced technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence together and it seems that the future of Advertising is finally here.


1. Can you describe in some simple words what UBEX is all about?

Ubex is all about making advertising more efficient, fraud-free and profitable for both advertisers and publishers.

2. Can you explain the Pay-per-result operating model?

It is a very convenient model under which the client pays only for concrete results the moment they are delivered. These can be any results that the client wants, be they page views of confirmed sales of products and services. Pre-negotiated payment is made only upon registration of achievement of these results.

3. What is the use of UBEX Tokens? Is UBEX a utility token?

UBEX Tokens are payment tokens by virtue and by technical application. They are used within the Ubex ecosystem as a unit of transactions between publishers and advertisers and are used as a reward instrument for paying platform participants, who are engaged in data mining and training that is aimed at improving the quality of our AI’s processing capabilities for more efficient audience targeting and results.

4. How does your team contribute to making UBEX successful?

We are all committed to the success of the Ubex project in full, we are coordinating and sharing our vast experience to develop this project and generate value for all stakeholders. We have an excellent legal and supporting team, our community is being serviced by very highly experienced professionals, and our advisors and top personnel, including myself, are constantly present at various events, promoting Ubex as a promising endeavour and a valuable and necessary product

5. Have you already commenced the development of the platform?

We are carrying out all the necessary operations to develop a functional product that will be presented in the form of an Alpha version by the end of this month.

6. What is the planned roadmap?

The full roadmap of our project is very comprehensive and can be found on our website at We have taken all the necessary measures to make sure that no overheads are considered, as we are tirelessly working on meeting every deadline we have prescribed. We expect to launch Beta version operations on the platform by January 2019, and have smart contact and operational applications by March of the same year.

7. Are there any key advantages in the platform that you are going to offer to your ICO Investors?

Our key advantages are the product’s offering in the form of the efficiency and profitability the Ubex platform offers. In addition, our UBEX Tokens are augmented with a Buyback option, which will lead to a gradual decrease of the total number of UBEX Tokens on the market over time, thus increasing their value and potential as portfolio additions.

8. Are there any bonuses for early investors?

Yes, we have a comprehensive and very generous bonus system for all participants of the Token Sale.

9. Where do you forsee UBEX in the upcoming 2 years?

The coming two years will be spent on developing the product, after that we are certain that our product will start to gradually occupy a significant share of the advertising market thanks to the attractiveness of its efficient operations and the additional value we offer through side-services.

10. It seems that UBEX is also participating in a lot of roadshows which is a great start for marketing. How do you think this will help you in building a huge user base?

Promotion is the only way to popularize a product, and given the fact that our users are adherents of blockchain technologies, we see such venues as ideal platforms to introduce our product to our users. 


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11. At the end please tell us what do you like the most about Applancer Blockchain.

The best part of Applancer is that it is a convenient marketplace for finding high quality professionals and additional services pertaining to the blockchain industry.

Thanks and Regards

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