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Intel files patent to utilize Bitcoin mining energy for genetic sequencing

Dec 19, 2017 Posted /  2799 Views

Intel files patent to utilize Bitcoin mining energy for genetic sequencing

The Blockchain enthusiasts understand that the uses of the Blockchain are limitless and it can facilitate in optimizing any business. Keeping this in view Intel has filed a patent for a kind of Blockchain system, which uses energy from proof-of-work crypto mining for genetic data sequencing.

Getting rid of waste

Bitcoin has repeatedly been condemned for the network’s tremendous energy employment, and waste of energy is one of the foremost criticisms for proof-of-stake protocol. However, Intel is not trying to condense Bitcoin’s energy use per se, but to harness the power, which is at present being utilized to serve an additional purpose.

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As miners are accomplishing two tasks concurrently, standard crypto mining and nucleo-base sequencing, the creators have been calling it as a type of “multipurpose” Proof-of-work (POW). Evaluating and comparing the process to conventional Bitcoin mining, the miners remark that the current disclosure, in comparison [to traditional Bitcoin mining] requires a Blockchain protocol which, when used in a Blockchain system, permits miners to complete supplementary valuable work at the same time generating proofs of work (POWs) for the latest blocks. In a specific description miners ascertain the sequences of nucleobases when producing POWs. And as the miner achieves other useful work whilst generating a POW, the POW may be called as a ‘multipurpose POW,’ and the job to develop the POW may be termed as ‘versatile POW operations.’

About the Intel Patent

The SMP will make use of a nucleobase sequencing unit established on the patent application, to verify and determine the arrangement of the nucleobases in a given sample. The POW will then corroborate the outcome before being permanently documented on their Blockchain.

The SMP will be utilized in genetic data sequencing, specifically to establish the order of nucleobases in a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA, for instance). The substantial characteristics of a person, animal, or plant can be found based on the sequence of its nucleobases.

In the patent application filed by Intel in June, 2016 inventors of the company Ned Smith and Rajesh Poornachandran expounded how their endeavor tackled the issue of energy waste in digital currency POW mining. As per their application, Intel’s SMP would employ the energy exhausted by crypto miners in generating POW to establish the nucleobase sequences

Greater Benefit

According to the application, the conclusion and output of the nucleobase sequencing has many possible advantages to the society. The application states that it will probably bring about enhanced technologies in prevention of cancer and other diseases, improved apprehension of genetic ecosystems, improved tracking of individuals health, pathology and more.

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