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Mar 09, 2018 Posted /  4961 Views

Insights on

1. About is a collateral based credit platform for the issuance of quick loans secured by vehicle title loans (car title loans) on the basis of technology blockchain. It is a tool without geographical barriers. It unites Borrowers possessing collateral with Investors all over the world due to the simplicity, speed and transparency of the "movement" of assets in the blockchain. With the help of the platform and the technology of blockchain, investors are given the opportunity to invest precisely the amount for which there is real collateral, and automatically adjust it to a greater or lesser extent.

2. Possibilities for Borrowers with opens opportunities for obtaining quick loans through access to global finance, and as a result, provides the most favourable rates, connecting the participants directly. A well-thought-out interface makes the process of obtaining a loan as simple and straightforward as possible: from the borrower, the user only needs a loan secured by his car through the application or at the office of numerous representatives of the system. The borrower will then receive the money directly to his/her bank account or virtual or bank card.

3. Opportunities for Investors with

For investors, this platform provides a unique opportunity to access a huge and growing credit market with a turnover of more than $ 30 billion. At the same time, the return of their investments is secured by highly liquid assets. This is available

due to blockchain technologies and tokenization of collateral. The platform opens up an opportunity for investors to make money in the credit market of the whole world in the lowest risk area–security based.

4. Solving the Risk issues solves this problem. Now, by providing a loan, the investor receives a highly liquid collateral - a car. And thanks to an accurate assessment of the collateral with the help of the SHIFT.Apprisal component, the system allows issuing a loan no more than 30% of the assessed value of the collateral, which reduces the risks to a minimum. Investors have a unique opportunity to get a high monthly return with minimal risks, because investments are made exactly at the amount for which there is real collateral.

5. Precise Assessment

The algorithms used in the unique automated assessment system SHIFT.Appraisal, allows the auto pawnshops to achieve high efficiency. The basis of the algorithms was dictated by many years of practice of car dealerships, which the platform creators used. In the desktop version, it has already managed to optimize the work of a number of profile companies in the region. The presence of such a software evaluation complex opens the possibility for the construction of a credit-security platform, which translates the development of the collateral market to a qualitatively new level.

6. Token

The SСASH Token is released on the Ethereum platform using the ERC20 protocol. The utility token of the ecosystem is in demand more than is used during transactions due to monthly interest on loans. The token has a reason for the growth of the exchange value at the expense of interest, which is constantly accrued on loans. The Token is used in the ecosystem of loan circulation and will be constantly in demand by the participants of the system - Borrowers, Investors, payment service users, as well as traders on stock exchanges for investment purposes. SСASH token is the unit for payment of services.

7. Crowdfunding

Crowdsale is organized by the primary sale of 100% SСASH tokens. During PRE-SALE is carried out for a limited number of SСASH tokens with a 33% bonus. The value of the token SCASH = 1 $. The address of the smart contract Crowdfunding for the purchase of tokens in ETH, as well as the relevant details for purchase in other cryptocurrencies, will be published only on the official site – and nowhere else.

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