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How to Prevent your Internet Devices from being Used as a cryptocurrency mining tool without your Knowledge

Feb 12, 2018 Posted /  1909 Views

How to Prevent your Internet Devices from being Used as a cryptocurrency mining tool without your Knowledge

If you ever experience your computer gradually slowing down it could be mining a cryptocurrency for someone else remotely. The popularity of digital currencies has reached its crazy levels in 2017. Cryptocurrency mining involves incurring high costs of electricity and requires a lot of computing powers as well. Profit oriented hackers have crafted a way of letting other people meet these costs as they enjoy the profits from the mining.

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These malwares featured in the recent Global Threat Index with 10 other different cryptocurrency mining tools among the top 100 malware. Software security companies running on the window PC are constantly updating the malware definition so as to avoid these malicious scripts but it seems the hackers are always one step ahead.

How these Hackers Operate

The scripts are most commonly and easily spread by file sharing websites, in 2017 a file sharing site passed on a mining script that would generate cryptocurrencies for the site using user PCs without users knowing. According to some reports the trend is in the increase with hackers and antivirus companies competing to beat each other in terms of computer geniuses.

 Most websites get their revenue from adverts runned on the site 85% of which comes from google. Google allows users to copy the codes for the adverts and run them in their own website on another website. Attackers rewrite these ads codes to include scripts for mining cryptocurrencies. Many hackers currently prefer this kind of ‘business’ to holding user computing equipment hostages using ransomwares and demanding for ransoms.

Some anonymous hackers who had developed a sophisticated cryptocurrency mining algorithm seized numerou computer networks for mining cryptocurrencies in december 2017. These hackers always explore security loopholes in computer networks and sometimes bank on network leaks from the servers. The december 2017 attack earned the hackers a total sum of $68,000 worth of the cryptocurrency monero after successfully attacking 3 computer networks.

Why the cryptocurrency Monero being prefered by Hackers?

Monero, the 3 year old cryptocurrency has emerged as the lethal weapon of choice for hackers. Monero was designed to allow a total transaction anonymity and it’s transaction leaves no electronic footprint on its public blockchain making the cryptocurrency impossible to trace . Monero has been used to buy music files from artist directly and offers an open minded approach to cryptocurrency mining. Alot of mining scripts running on web pages utilize these privileges monero comes along with to mine cryptocurrency illegally.

Mining monero does not require any special mining computers like it is the case with some popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum. This allows hackers to gain from running monero mining scripts on any internet connected computer they can gain access to without mining of it’s processing powers.

How does it affect your laptop and your smartphone?

Cryptocurrency mining leads to an increase in computer power consumption ranging anywhere between 80% to 100% meaning laptop users will see their batteries lasting just half the time it used to last before. With increase processing needs GPUs and CPUs are overworked resulting into overheating and sometimes damaging the of the processors.

Hackers have diversified platforms to include attacks on mobile gadgets too, smartphones and tablets have been reportedly attacked with monero mining scripts without the users knowing. Normally the android operating system which is the most used mobile operating system is attacked most with these annoying mining scripts.

Avoiding Mining for someone else on your Hardwares

For smartphone users it is a smart idea to install apps only from trusted publishers so you can be sure that the publisher does not include any other codes on to the apps. Installing a malare program is also and added advantage as the program would help clear unwanted codes lagging in the device system memory.

For web users running adblock programs can be helpful in detecting and blocking javascripts code that has cryptocurrency mining algorithms attached to them. Installing firewalls helps to break connection between auto insall mining programs with their remote servers. Without this connection, the necessary data cannot be reached to reproduce hashes.

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