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How has blockchain impacted Internet Era ?

Jun 02, 2018 Posted /  1992 Views

How has blockchain impacted Internet Era ?

Now the internet world is dominated by four giant company which are hosting on the internet google, amazon,facebook and apple. Amazon lures 238 bids and is considering it as its second home and it is not appreciated that all the American cities and states are fighting over each other and are trying to lure about $5million by building up new buildings.

The Amazon is influencing the urban life of the Americans and it is more for a company such as the over the planning of the cities and over tax policies and overpressure on the culture of the communities. The society is gaining interest on the evolving economy and dynamic of the sustain it is the one of the oversized company that is involving themselves in the decision-making process.

This has been one of the major problems of the centralization in the internet era and the topic and the belief of the blockchain technology has been the part of its economic model.

Then Amazon is not the only company to be blamed it has been four companies that have formed a small group known as the GAFA which consists of google, amazon, facebook, and apple.

These clubs had distorting members as they master in the algorithm such as Facebook which is dictating in nature. The other part is about Google winning the race of the quantum computing it is a prize that has a competitive advantage and has the capabilities of data processing.

In the meanwhile, the iphone6s screen was cracked which made it more decorated and was then upgraded to iOS 11 so then people tried to switch to Samsung phone to avoid the fear of losing data and the connectivity which is Apple is not capable of doing its Android OS has the google dependency.

The GAFA is the original sin on the internet, the investors are switching to the basic protocols on the modern web it is a masterful job so transfer the information in an effective manner in a distributed network,as we know that doesn’t solve the problem of trust.

As we know that information has power and which is highly sensitive so when people share data they need something very trustworthy. While in a distributed public information which has put all the information from the newspaper media outlets blogs etc under intense business pressure and more from their investors which is valuable as they are collected from the third parties.

It is basically a centralized solution in a decentralized information structure.

There are websites that can manage each other files through certified authorities and from the most reliable address. They have got a credit card and banks to run these payments. As we know we are in the world if Facebook community amazon marketplace and the google search where we can feed ourselves with valuable information as they are dominant in these sectors.

In the latest version of the internet, the third party is the most powerful one a data and information matter the most than the dollars.

There has been found a flaw in the facebook by sometimes its fake news which is basically a cyber breach and it is highly sensitive matter as in the long run there would be long-suffering.

Now we have seen that the producers are depending upon Facebook for its process and strategy building for generate information from its company algorithm and this is helping in bringing effective innovation and is creating dependency on its limits.

But this level of dominance is not good as everything will be then controlled by the artificial intelligence and the decision will be automated by the algorithms, which will create a problem in the future.

It is hoped that blockchain will solve this problem as there are many unsolved challenges and they know how to scale up things such as the bitcoins as they know how to handle their data and money.

But the answer leads to decentralization and the mechanism of the blockchain, which was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto who created a valid system to share data and information with the stranges in a very unfaithful environment and has an effective framework to manage it in the era of the internet.

In the future, it is said that individuals and small business will have total control on the data and operate the networks in a good prospect. It is hoped that there will be more competition in the open source of innovation and there will be more of problem-solving.

Eventually, the world will be adopting and embracing the decentralized model and will have true competition in the market.

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