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How Coss ICO is going so far after raising more than 3300 ETH

Aug 13, 2017 Posted /  2722 Views

How Coss ICO is going so far after raising more than 3300 ETH

How Coss ICO is going so far after raising more than 3300 ETH

The cryptocurrency market has produced an entirely innovative market, a kind of a set of technology-driven industry, which have the latency to interrupt the ongoing market plans and the predictable business practices. However, like any other industry, the cryptocurrency industry has to go through a number of hurdles, which decreases its natural distribution amongst the non-technical users. The challenges are the absence of a one-stop-solution that would bring the present services combined into a single user-friendly ecosystem. COSS ICO is one such ICO which provides such a platform where a user can carry on every of its activities related to cryptocurrency. COSS ICO, is an ecosystem who has all the features of a digital currency system based on cryptocurrency. The COSS system has features like of a payment gateway POS, an exchange platform, the list of merchants, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an electronic wallet, various coin services and a mobile platform. The COSS platform unifies all transactional features that are usually managed by means of Fiat money, and offers many of the cryptocurrency related services at one place. The list of potential features of the platform can be substantially increased, and will carry on growing as the platform that evolves.

Recently, COSS ICO which a startup based in Singapore has been ranked the highest in the ICO Rating history of rankings. The market is going through an absence of integrated and easy to use facilities. Many people are not aware of the process of cryptocurrencies purchase, storage, usage, and sale. The COSS Token Swap (ICO) provides a solution to all these problems faced by the people. Initial Coin Offerings aka ICOs are at present among the foremost drives of the Financial technology market mainly focused on cryptocurrencies.

For a beginner, who is willing to find a project to invest in, the selection often appears to be too difficult due to the lack of understanding and awareness of the internal processes that Financial technology market is going through at present, and also due to the lack of any clearly explained guidelines helping to accept a thorough estimation of a project. Cryptocurrencies are a huge thing. They present an answer to many financial and economic problems not confined only to a craze. It is the money in digital form. It will give credit to the people who do not have bank accounts. It will accelerate the financial transactional and it cannot be faked. Cryptocurrencies offer the vision where the world have a fully associated economy using a uniform form of currency that is unbiased, clear, worldwide and open which belongs to everyone. This requires no qualification to go into or access the system. It is not controlled by any government or bank or authority. When it comes to user understanding, the first set of cryptocurrencies is a little bit sluggish and a little bit difficult, but things are scaling up and the next generation is going to be so much better and so much faster with the use of such technique. Right now, cryptocurrencies are quite naive, they are slow and hard to recognize, hard to connect and use, but, the mass adoption will be like any other invention that will revolutionize the world. 

COSS ICO provides such awareness and solutions to such problems and thus has been successful in raising more than 3300 ETH. The rising market prices of Ethereum has also been evident in bringing the share, which is why the figures have also raised. COSS ICO has some incredible features like it allows users to manage their finances in many cryptocurrencies (BTC, BNT, ARK, COE, CVC, DASH, DDF, EOS, ETH, FYN, JET, LSK, LTC, SNM, TAAS, VRS, WAVES, XEM) in a single ewallet, it has integrated exchange rates, reporting tools to simplify the accounting, easy KYB process which is fast and secure etc. These features of COSS ICO has not only helped to get its highest rankings in the ICO's but has also raised more than 3300 ETH. The Token swap for COSS is live now. During the token swap, total amount of 200,000,000 COSS will be released. The minimum amount is 0.001 ETH. Any merchant interested can buy COSS tokens with a 10% bonus for next four days, with the twenty four days of token sale left. The sale may end anytime once all the 200,000,000 COSS tokens in the sale are crossed. The exchange rate is 1 ETH is equal to 600 COSS.  Governed by the Smart contract system, the holders of COSS tokens will get weekly revenues from the COSS DAO generating value out of transaction fees on the COSS platform. The COSS platform continues to extend support for new coins and currencies on a regular basis. The COSS tokens will be released after the end of this token swap that is by 20 September 2017. There are times when a new cryptocurrency is included to their platform each week. Such addition of currencies paves a way to the rise and raise in the funds. The COSS ICO plans to use the funds raised by introducing prepaid cards, P2P remittance, B2B remittance, enhanced AML features, digital signatures for documents, Smart contract based services.

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