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How Can We Create Awareness Regarding Blockchain in India?

Nov 25, 2017 Posted /  15346 Views

How Can We Create Awareness Regarding Blockchain in India?

The Blockchain technology has digitalised the world with ease of storing records online, right from bookkeeping for banks to verifying the data presented by a candidate in his or her professional CV, this technology is an ocean of possibilities. And, India, being the world's biggest democracy is no exception here, where the potential of Blockchain transparent, distributed ledger reaches far beyond being the core technology behind Bitcoin.

The Blockchain ledgers, today, can include logistics, loans, identities, land titles, and more to bring transparency and add an extra cushion of security. The biggest advantage of Blockchain ledger is that the data it holds cannot be deleted or manipulated.  Furthermore, since, it has no single point of failure, hacking it is virtually next to impossible. Thus, will revolutionise how contracts are initiated and tracked between two business parties.

Though the Blockchain technology is steadily gaining a dominant foothold in the various industries of India, there are several sectors where this distributed ledger can do wonders. However, not implemented by investors, owing to their lack of knowledge about this fool-proof technology.

YouTube Channels

If you are company dealing with Blockchain technology, then, the best way to create awareness about the idea of the transparent ledger for businesses is by starting a YouTube channel. This will build an air of trust in their minds, as many of us tend to have more faith in the audio-visual content. If the regular posts are created with thorough research work, your potential listeners will follow your channel to learn more about this kind of digital ledger. However, make sure, the video should communicate through plain English, no jargon or those catchy synonyms, just ensure every word gets in their brain. Otherwise, operating a YouTube channel would only mean a waste of time and money. The content of your videos should be explanatory, instead of research papers, explain with examples, as this way your target audience of diverse knowledge and thinking will get your point with utter ease.

Post Articles

In today’s digital world, guesting posting is one of the largest means of sharing data. Write high-quality content pieces, but the information it holds should be exclusive, no rewriting the stuff already published over the Internet. For that, spend hours of researching, rather than writing all the time, if you want to truly cater the purpose of creating awareness. Like, video content, the articles should be written in simple English, no big words, you are not here to showcase the world your grammatical knowledge. Follow this rule of thumb 'write as if you talking to someone.' There are a plethora of reputed websites, where you can post your articles, like the Forbes, economic times, and many other. But, to get your name stamped on these high authoritative sites, your content has to be up to the mark.  

Media Awareness

Even in today's digital society, the newspapers have not vanished, they everyday reach our home, and believe or not, hold an upper hand over the electronic media. So, it is worth your investment to spread the word about the Blockchain technology through the print media. It can either be done in form of writing a commercial story of the front page ad. This should be done thoroughly understanding your potential, when selecting the type of communication, and then, the newspaper. Validate your story or commercial advertisement with valid facts, which your readers can Google anytime for more information. As a matter of truth is facts, they catch the eye of every reader when flipping through the newspaper. So, why wait, head to a local newspaper headquarter and grab the attention of the public.

Hold Seminars

Seminars are the best form of professional communication, as here you get in touch with your target audience, be it the business community or the commoners. By holding a seminar, you can make people aware of the Blockchain technology through practical examples and present worthy facts. This form of communication gives your listener the opportunity to raise their queries and get them addressed by an expert, having years of experience and intensive industry know about this new technology. Make sure, your seminar isn't dull, just about the technical stuff, make it light, by including piratical life examples. The success of your seminar solely relies on the communication ability of your orator. It's great, if you one in your in-house team, otherwise, you easily hire one for the one-day show.


Bitindia, India's renowned Blockchain wallet & a crypto exchange platform and is also working in the same direction to make people aware of the potential of the Blockchain technology.

At the end of it all, the above are some of the great strategies for promoting Blockchain technology in India, and you can also follow them without breaking your financial back.

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