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How Blind People can Use Bitcoin

Oct 28, 2017 Posted /  3547 Views

How Blind People can Use Bitcoin

Bringing in Blind People to the Bitcoin quest

There is ongoing work to rewrite the original Bitcoin white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto in braille. The developers of the Braille white paper recently partnered with the American Printing Press for the Blind so as to finalize the document. The printed transcripts of which copies are going to be distributed for free to blind people. The expensive printing will add up mostly because of the costly transaction of the diagrams used in the Bitcoin white paper. Although text to audio output is seen as the best option for blind people it’s still believed that a reading experience needs to be unique. This explains the costly venture the Bitcoin white paper to Braille developers have taken. Blind people still have a lot of accessibility issues associated with Bitcoin usage as the technology is best utilized visually.

The Blind Too can Mine Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin was designed to be the currency of freedom signifying that everybody irrespective of physical disabilities should be able to use it. The recent initiative to develop the Bitcoin white paper in braille is a significant lead at achieving the total freedom bitcoin can offer. With screen reading tools Bitcoin mining is made possible to a blind person especially where the users mine the coin in a pool. The most critical point to not miss is logging it to the miners' account which is rather a less tedious process for an experienced user. Developers designed mobile phone apps that help to make transacting in Bitcoin an easy task for Blind people. Some Blind people find it very hard to read braille papers and prefer the talkback options their devices enable. Braille papers leave out vital information like chart updates and price fluctuation away from the user.

How the Blind can complete a Bitcoin Transaction

Blind people can basically use options like screen reading where the content displayed on the screen is read out loud to a headset. The ease at which this option can be effectively deployed depends on the wallet being used to carry out the transaction. Common Bitcoin wallets like’s provide a rather either navigation for the Blind. It’s rather hectic navigating wallets that are not optimised for this purposes. A diversity of hardware is available to enable the blind to use a computer effectively.  Inclusive among them is the printing out text in Braille while allows the user to read the text by feeling letters with their fingers. They effectiveness of either the screen reader option or the Braille display still all depends on the user experience with the gadget. Most blind computer users prefer Braille display to screen reader options.

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