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How Plans to revolutionise Freelancing Space with 0% fee?

Nov 16, 2017 Posted /  9571 Views

How Plans to revolutionise Freelancing Space with 0% fee?

Zero percent (0%)fee

Often it comes in the form of lengthy gripe session if you spoke to someone about the associated cost of brokerage associated with freelancing portals. Most portals charge - either a percentage of 20 percent as a fee on earnings or a 10 percent fee on earnings plus including upfront account fees.

The advent of has eliminated the need for the third part while providing a simple fee structure which is radically eliminated i.e. Zero percent. Since is known to be a distributed Blockchain technology solution - it does not include any major fee structure as charged by a centralized profiteering hub like Upwork.

Previously, freelancing was like getting squeezed in a vice - As freelancers have to work for pennies on the dollar of what an in-house employee would be paid. And even the worse is looming over them is the fee structure of their platform. Some of them charge 20 percent, directly off the top, before the freelancer pays taxes, etc.

Using, Workers could either bid down their costs to compete on price. Alternatively, they can build their reputation to a point where they will be seen as more reliable/skilled than the other less-proven workers. is completely a new way for creators to think about their income streams. Including the transparency, openness about job pricing, incredibly flat 0 % fee,  this commodity enable freelancers to contact customers directly for work with particular tastes, or customers seeking out people with expertise.

Its model may be just the thing that the industry needs to come alive again. The zero-fee jobs marketplace built on top of the blockchain opened its digital doors. Functions on the blockchain and its front-end files are distributed on the decentralized web protocol IPFS.

Random freezes

Even if a user analyses the exorbitant fee structure of past, such platforms seem to be extremely confusing and often unfair. In addition, glitches like freelancers unable to login as the random account freezes, and complex algorithms for top ranks can frustrate users - who are working hard to move up but don’t.

Through Blockchain technology, offered a distributed answer to this issue. It is a user-based distributed voting mechanism instead of centralized hub structures that determine user violations, other freelancers determine violations through the Freelancer Tribunal, a user-based distributed voting mechanism. Users can now analyze and determine which rules are fair and which are not.

Further, on a normal centralized system when disputes do arise, convoluted internal policies regulate outcomes and frequently with arbitration costs paid by the freelancers or clients. With, the Freelancer Tribunal defines these decisions are fair and without bias.

Secure Payment

With payment problems, the existing freelancer world is widespread. Every freelancer has a quick to tell the painful story of non-payment they’ve experienced. Nothing seems to be more annoying to a freelancer than his hard work is rejected by a client, the client has suddenly disappeared, or the rejection of escrow funds. In any traditional platform, freelancers can`t do anything except watching the client user ID disappear along with the money they deserve.

But the introduction of model has eliminated this risk. Using the tokens, all payments must be escrowed up front, meaning the chance of non-payment is almost zero. Even if any disputes arise, a final decision is made by the Freelancer Tribunal and distribute the funds according to their honest decision. Both client and freelancer get benefit from this methodology as they can keep funds protected throughout the job process.

Additionally, the demand for tokens will grow as the platform grows. Through the tokens, Freelancers are allowed to use the value of the platform growth, making working on even more lucrative.

Completely Decentralized Freelancer Platform

Based on blockchain technology,, is a kind of decentralized freelancer platform. Its user-friendly business model has the potential to develop into a leading online jobs portal for freelancers and startups in the cryptocurrency space.

The vision, is all about how to be able to completely self-regulatory the freelancer’s platform, where they could find and getting a project done. All the ecosystem between a customer and the freelancer will going to be changed. Because this commodity increases the reliability to new heights.

From what offered is, to find the best solution for the most commons freelancing problem so far. Because is a 100% decentralized platform, it means that there will no central authority in it. A self-regulatory system useful for settling disputes between the customer and the freelancers.

However, to compete with incumbents, would need significant funding to develop further and market its platform, and cryptocurrency adoption would require a substantial boost globally before the average freelancer would feel comfortable to get paid in a cryptocurrency that was never actually intended to be a transactional currency.`s decentralized zero-fee model will most likely speak to freelancers who have been plagued with high fees at other online job platforms. However, to become a success, enough freelancers and employers need to start using the platform so that critical mass can be reached.

Join the revolution

In order to make both client and freelancer treated fairly, safely, and protected in terms of payments, the platform is the best space for freelancers.

Those interested in participating can join the For more updates reach us here!

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