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High School in Australia announces to hold “educational presentation” on cryptocurrencies

Feb 14, 2018 Posted /  1584 Views

High School in Australia announces to hold “educational presentation” on cryptocurrencies

Australia have shown signs that it is in favor cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology solutions as the virtual currencies are slowly becoming mainstream. The surging interest in cryptocurrencies has compelled one high school in the country to host an information night on the cryptocurrencies.

The email has been sent by students’ parents that Brisbane-based St-Laurence College intends to hold an “educational presentation” on cryptocurrencies. The high school got information that some students were involved in the buying and selling of virtual currencies and some senior students are slowly adopting it as means of payment. The news was actually reported by ABC network last week.

However, the educational crash course is simply available on choice to those who want to participate and in entirely non-compulsory. It will be presented to schools’ staff, students of year 11 and 12 and to their parents if they express their interest in getting to know this new space. The information was declared in the email and an excerpt from the email as quoted by media states:

“The presentation will look at features of cryptocurrencies, the technology underpinning them, and will give some very basic information about the state of the market and ways to keep investments safe.”

The school maintains that it is not biased towards any area or stance on the subject, but felt that students “should be cautioned and educated about these purchases.” The presentation, which was fundamentally scheduled to be held on February 2, had to be been postponed according to the reports of local media.

As per one financial expert, the move to enlighten students on the area of cryptocurrencies at an institutional level can be termed as a healthy development. Underlining the significance of educating high school students on such investments Queensland Tech’s business and accounting professor Dr Lee said in an interview that young adults are investing in cryptocurrencies and while they typically possess strong basic financial literacy skills, advanced topics like investments and returns could use a helping hand. If we especially talk about cryptocurrencies then the investments in these virtual assets is highly volatile and subjected to risks.

“Especially telling them the underlying asset that they are buying into, the technology that supports, the security and those kinds of things… they need to be fully aware to make informed decisions,” she said while backing the school’s objective to enlighten students, parents and staff on cryptocurrencies and their underpinning blockchain technology.

In the meantime, Australia’s ‘big four’ banks have feint out any prohibitive bans on purchase of cryptocurrencies, unlike counterparts in the US and the UK. Australian authorities have also established about the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, a move that the government considers will bestow consumer security while assisting in the development of the cryptocurrency sector in the country.

Last month Brisbane airport was also declared as the first cryptocurrency friendly airport and many stores, restaurants and cafes started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

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