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Greek Supreme Clears BTC-e’s Alexander Vinnik’s Extradition to the US

Dec 15, 2017 Posted /  1899 Views

Greek Supreme Clears BTC-e’s Alexander Vinnik’s Extradition to the US

Greece to Extradite Alexander Vinnik to the US

The Greek supreme court on December 14th. 2017 rejected a court appeal by BTC-e’s Alexander Vinnik clearing his extradition to the United States. US authorities accused Vinnik of masterminding a money laundering scheme which saw about $4 billion in user funds lost. The Greek supreme court ruling indicates that Vinnik can now be handed to face charges in the United States.

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US authority further claims that Vinnik was the chief operator at BTC-e a charge both Vinnik and the exchange denies. Alexander Vinnik is not only accused of money laundering but also faces charges of masterminding numerous crimes in the US since 2011. Among the accusations are drug trafficking and computer hacking. If convicted with all these additional charges to the Mt. Gox Hacking charge, Mr. Vinnik could face up to 55 years in a US Prison.

Russia Claims Vinnik deserves to be tried in Russia, His home country

On the other hand, the Russians are also claiming that Allexander Vinnik, a Russian Citizen should be tried by a Russian court since he faces charges of stealing 600,000 Rubles (approximately $10,500). Russia objected the extradition of its citizen to the United States citing that it violates international law. Obviously, the punishment Vinnik would face in his home country Russia is far less than the 55 years’ jail term he could possibly get in the US. In Russia, he could be asked simply to refund the $10,500 he is accused of stealing and maybe detrimental fine and a short or no jail term at all. The Russian Born lawyer Timofey Musatov, who represented Vinnik in the Greek Supreme court told Russian news agency Sputnik about Vinnik’s US extradition that,

“we expected this ruling to be made by the supreme court, as this was a decision on an appeal which had already been ruled by the Thessaloniki court. There are still more legal works to be carried out now offering us more opportunities to secure a fair verdict in Russia for Alexander Vinnik”

Is the US extradition the Right Choice made by the Greek Supreme Court?

Many people mostly those opposed the extradition of alexander Vinnik to the United states are saying the decision made by the Greek supreme court was not independent. The case is comparable to the Julian Assange’s case who is currently hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. According to John Bremner, founder at, a cryptocurrency information website, no proven charges is being put against Vinnik apart from mere accusations like what Julian Assange faced. Mr, Bremner Believes that the American Federal Reserves is trying to paint a negative image about Bitcoin in the minds of people across the world. He believes that Alexander Vinnik will not get a fair trial in the United States and is being used to create a fear in people as regards involvement with Bitcoin.

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