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Governor of China's Central Banks says country in no hurry to ban cryptocurrencies

Mar 11, 2018 Posted /  8701 Views

Governor of China's Central Banks says country in no hurry to ban cryptocurrencies

No Matter how much nations across globe shade away from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, they know that digital currencies are inevitable and the world is slowly moving towards more advanced payment gateways. China does not recognize bitcoin as a payment tool, but it surely does acknowledge the perpetuity of virtual currencies which is why it is in no hurry to regulate cryptocurrencies. This statement is not presented by us, but these are the words of Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the country’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).

According to 8btc, a Chinese industry news site, the central bank official conveyed his opinions about virtual currency during a press conference at the National People’s Congress 2018. He said regulations would confide on regional trials and new technology.

He also added that the central bank is researching about cryptocurrency and further commented that issuing digital currency does not persist on a technology application, preferably on the capacity to demote the costs and increase the accessibility of retail payments. The bank will also estimate privacy and security in its actions pertaining to cryptocurrency.

Inevitable future

Zhou acknowledged that digital currency is inevitable, and is likely to replace paper money and coins ultimately. He said it is essential to be cautious of the financial systems and investor impact on the digital currency.

Virtual currency is not combined with subsisting financial products or the sense that finance serves China’s economy, Zhou told. Consequently, he forewarns against the state hastening into digital currency.

Zhou emphasized the significance of restricting the introduction of speculative products, denoting to bitcoin’s wild augmentation. The expansion of a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency would have an astonishing impact on monetary policy and financial stability.

The central bank, Zhou said, is proceeding carefully with cryptocurrency and is working with the industry on research and development. The central bank does not identify bitcoin as a payment tool, and it is precisely patrolling bitcoin and same financial products and consumer and investor protection and education.

“Promising products need to be tested”, Zhou said.

Strenuous Operations Continue

Regulators in China recently started blocking social media accounts bearing names of cryptocurrency exchanges that proceed to administer services to patrons located on the mainland.

Beijing-based media outlet Caixin on Tuesday reported that local authorities had ordered social messaging platform WeChat to close down accounts belonging to select cryptocurrency exchanges in a bid to reduce further the ability of mainland residents to trade cryptocurrencies.

China had subjugated the cessation of domestic cryptocurrency exchanges that extended fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading pairs last September, but some investors told Caixin that they were nevertheless able to obtain the offshore platforms. Other traders went to over-the-counter and peer-to-peer platforms, frequently utilizing social media to find trading partners and accomplish transactions.

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