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Google Progressive Apps

May 01, 2017 Posted /  4510 Views

Google Progressive Apps

You might have heard of term progressive apps and they are the next biggest thing and much more. But have you thought that what are these progressive apps How are these apps different from what we use daily Well, first look at what is this progressive app.

A progressive app combines the best technology of web and mobile apps. It’s like a website which is built using web technology but acts and feels like an app. The recent development in the way the browser works has allowed them to allow the user to install the web apps to their browser's home screen. Some of these web apps also work offline. The main use of the progressive app is to increase the user experience of any app. According to research, the user prefers those apps which have better UX and they are most likely to use that app second time.

So, now we know that what are these progressive apps but why are they used and what are their benefits.

1.    They are more reliable compared to the native apps. The loading time of these web apps are faster than the native apps. They even work in the uncertain condition.

2.    These apps respond quickly to any activity done by the user. These apps respond very quickly which is very important as no user wants to wait for the apps to respond.

3.    These apps have a better interaction with the user. Whenever any user uses these apps, he or she feels more connected to these apps. It’s also very important for the popularity of off as if any user finds your app as boring and less interactive then he is most like to switch to the alternative apps.

Google is also promoting the growth of the progressive apps. There are many apps available in the market that can improve the quality of your progressive apps. The popularity of these progressive apps is increasing at a great rate simply because of the better user experience of these apps. So, if you are a web developer then you should immediately look to develop these apps so that your user could have a better experience of your app.

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