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Gold vs Bitcoin, Which one is a better investment?

Oct 16, 2017 Posted /  15848 Views

Gold vs Bitcoin, Which one is a better investment?

Bitcoin is surging high with its prices, with every passing day. It has been frequently compared to gold. However, in terms of prices, it is walking much ahead of Gold. People are also considering it is a better investment than gold, owing all to the market prices. The major difference between Gold and Bitcoin is that Gold has a physical form while Bitcoin does not have that, it is digital. Gold can be purchased from the market while bitcoins are mined and stored in the digital wallet. Gold is the flag bearer of long-term investment from a long time. When it comes to investment, the two elements which come up quickly in the minds of the people is either a property or purchasing gold. But, right now bitcoin has become a widespread method of investment.

Which one is better?

The prices of gold at the time writing was $1,306.30 and of bitcoin was more than $5,000. It is obvious to compare these two valuable entities for investment purpose. While Gold provides the assurance as a hedge against market volatility and on the other hand, bitcoin is termed as volatile in the market. It is to be noted that bitcoin has proved to be resilient time and again when tested. Recently, when China banned ICOs and bitcoin trading, there was a fall in the bitcoin prices. But Bitcoin came back with more force and crossed the $5,000 mark in the prices. Bitcoin will give more profit in a short time while Gold will give the benefits in a long time.

Which one is the better investment option?

Bitcoin is a tempting digital currency which provokes the people to invest in it with fast benefits. It has also termed as an experimental currency due to its volatility. But, the challenges out of which bitcoin has come, prove that it will hardly get affected by the market fluctuations. Also, with the rise in the interest amongst the people for bitcoins, the prices will probably rise more. When talking about gold, it is a reliable metal. Gold will surely to never lose its innate value as a valuable metal with several practical applications. Bitcoin is a currency used for transactions, investments, and gold can be altered to make jewelry. Both have their own applications, where gold is been used since ancient times while bitcoin is the revolutionizing digital currency.  

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