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1) GEMINI is the first BITCOIN and ETHER trading company that was licensed by the US by the department of FINANCIAL SERVICES, New York. It is very well known for its trustworthy and secure features which makes it one of the leading exchanges in the cryptocurrency network.

2) It is regarded to be the next generation digital asset built specially for investors as a secure platform for trading of bitcoin and ether. It is a unique company that safeguards the privacy of its customers since it gives more emphasis on cyber security proving to be a leading bank regulator.

3) Gemini offers two different types of solutions as a custody of the digital currency that are Depository account and Segregated account 

Depository account- presently this is does not charge any fees and he majority of the assets are kept in cold storage.

Segregated account-this charges an annual fee and also additional charges per year. These accounts cannot be retrieved instantly and may take time up to two days. This platform is specifically good for users of mutual funds.

4) GEMINI is a full reserved exchange where trading is allowed only when currency is already deposited in the account. All orders done without the presence of available balance, money is reduced automatically from the accounts until the order is fulfilled. Currently GEMINI offers two auctions per day, one at 4.00 PM and the other at 7.00 PM. This exchange operates 24 hours a day and every day of the week.

5) GEMINI aims to build a future with digital currency. Since BITCOIN and ETHER are widely accepted all over the world this would further help in decreasing the transactions costs and make easier transfers. This is the main aim of GEMINI to reconstruct the financial system with such digital assets.

6) This exchange was established in the year 2015 by the WINKLEVOSS TWINS. It became live on the 8th of October 9.30 AM and since then it is providing users with excellent services. The top priority of this exchange are security and verification. It is very well known for a “security first” kind of service.

7) This online platform is a neatly designed user friendly interface that lets you register easily and then buy bitcoins in the future without any hassle. The customers get a clear information on the dashboard which shows real time market prices of bitcoin and also the account details.

8) From the time is has been established in the year 2015, GEMINI tried to expand its network with a goal to spread to all 50 states in the U.S. Even outside the U.S. GEMINI recently took over Canada and the United Kingdom in its run to become a global power. As of August 2016 GEMINI expanded to TEXAS and now they are present in a total of 42 states in the U.S.

9) As compared to the other leading exchanges, GEMINI is always the first choice of investors due to its better customer support, cheaper buying rates and also trading is easier since deposits are credited instantly for the purpose of trading.

10) GEMINI has a feature of making instant ACH deposits which helps in buying bitcoins almost instantly. In any other exchange it takes nearly 7 days to complete the process of bank transfer and GEMINI offers immediate service.

11) GEMINI recently started auctioning ETHER on the 28th of July with the same aim to build up a new future with digital currency.

12) According to recent reports, CBOE Holdings, one of the largest exchange networks in the world stated that it would extend its partnership with GEMINI but the agreement is still not approved by the CFTC. The deal states that CBOE can have access to the trading data of GEMINI.

13) At the time of the bitcoin split that happened recently, GEMINI encouraged a clean split and stated that it would suspend BTC deposits temporarily and may take up to one week to resume its operations completely.

14) In June 2017, GEMINI licensed to provide its services to the state of Washington

15) GEMINI became world’s first licensed ether exchange in May 2016.

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