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Fresh Kaspersky Lab reports says Telegram used for Crypto-jacking

Feb 14, 2018 Posted /  4784 Views

Fresh Kaspersky Lab reports says Telegram used for Crypto-jacking

Kaspersky lab has disclosed new details on crypto jacking. Hackers are using vulnerabilities in the Telegram messaging app’s desktop client to mine units of cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash and hackers so far have been successful to exploit it greatly to its benefit.

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Telegram has got popularity amongst the cryptocurrency community recently. The crypto-enthusiasts are using the most popular messaging apps to connect with others. Kaspersky revealed on its website that the suers of the messaging app’s desktop client were tricked into downloading the malware or malicious software into their computers that used their processing power to mine virtual currencies. The computers of the Telegram’s users were serving as a backdoor for attackers who remotely controlled their machine.

Kaspersky Lab researchers deeply analysed the servers of malicious actors and additionally found archives enclosing a cache of Telegram data that had been hacked form victims. Russian security firm came forward and commented that it "reported the vulnerability to Telegram and, at the time of publication, the zero-day flaw has not since been observed in messenger’s products."

Telegram under radar

Recently, a report came forward it was known that a group on the popular messaging app was illicitly spiking the prices of the digital currencies for some period of time according to the request of its clients. The group was open on the Telegram and the admin without any fear boasted about its services, saying it is perfectly legal.

Pavel Durov, who is the co-founder of Telegram and started the messaging app in 2013, has always been maintaining that the app is a highly secure and safe messaging toll, where traffic is encrypted and difficult to intercept. This marketing position had helped the telegram gain huge scores of polarity and the services has been used by many users who were security concerned, which includes French President Emmanuel Macron and ISIS terrorist.

Recently, Telegram also declared that it is holding an initial coin offering or ICO to fundraise roughly $2 billion to develop its own blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will be interesting to see, if the recent reports affect the reputation of the company or not and if the crypto-enthusiasts continue to use it.

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