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Forbes Crypto Rich List

Feb 08, 2018 Posted /  5326 Views

Forbes Crypto Rich List

Cryptocurrency has grabbed the attention of loads of people because of its instant changing value. It can turn a common man into a millionaire overnight. If money placed at the right time on a right token, the returns can be far ahead of your expectations. Initially, bitcoins and other forms of virtual tokens received a lot of criticism because of its instant ups and downs. Even some countries passed regulations related to the abolition of cryptos and majority of countries have not cleared their status yet.

It requires high forbearance to avoid all such speculations and circumstances and behold your belief in your coin. People who accomplished in doing so are enjoying benefits of the digital economy.

Recently, Forbes announced a list of 19 wealthiest virtual currency holders. The list will appear in Forbes magazine on February 28, 2018, edition. This is the first time ever list of richest people of the digital individual has been calculated.  The estimated holdings are based on the values as locked on January 29,2018, and are post-tax figures.

And here is a compilation of 19 wealthiest crypto holders:



Estimated crypto holdings

Chris Larsen

Cofounder, Ripple

$7.5 billion - $8.billion

Joseph Lubin

Cofounder, Ethereum and Founder, Consensys

$1 billion - $5 billion

Changpeng Zhao

CEO, Binance

$1.1 billion - $2 billion

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Cofounders, Winklevoss Capital

$900 million - $1.1 billion each

Matthew Mellon

Individual investor

$900 million - $1 billion

Brian Armstrong

CEO, Coinbase

$900 million - $1 billion

Matthew Roszak

Cofounder, BloQ and Founder, Tally Capital

$900 million - $1 billion

Anthony Di Iorio

Cofounder, Ethereum and Founder, Jaxx and Decentral

$750 million - $1 billion

Brock Pierce

Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation and Advisor, Block.One

$700 million - $1 billion

Michael Novogratz

CEO, Galaxy Digital

$700 million - $1 billion

Brender Bluman


$600 - $700 million

Dan Larimer

Chief Technology Officer,

$600 - $700 million

Valery Vavilov

CEO, Bitfury

$500 - $700 million

Charles Hoskinson

Co-founder, Ethereum, IOHK

$500 - $600 million

Brad Garlinghouse

CEO, Ripple

$400 - $500 million

Barry Silbert

CEO, Digital Currency Group

$400 - $500 million

Vitalik Buterin

Creator of Ethereum

$400 - $500 million

Tim Draper

Founder, Draper Associates

$350 - $500 million

Song Chi-Hyung

Founder, Upbit

$350 - $500 million


The methodology applied by Forbes to calculate holdings:

Due to cryptos, high volatility characteristic Forbes has presented its figures in ranges. The data is based on estimated holdings after deducting taxable charges. Forbes doesn’t claim the certainty and accuracy of data as proofs of only a few holdings could be found. They further stated the possibility of missing some crypto millionaires and difference in estimation of wealth.

In 1982, Forbes launched the first-ever list of 400 wealthiest Americans with the motive of getting invisible riches into the limelight. This one is another initiative with the same motive.

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