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Why all these excitements and Anticipation? Gibraltar blockchain exchange expected to be the most influential cryptocurrency project ever realized

Mar 04, 2018 Posted /  4630 Views

Why all these excitements and Anticipation? Gibraltar blockchain exchange expected to be the most influential cryptocurrency project ever realized

what you need to know about Gibraltar stock exchange

Gibraltar is a British oversea territory located on the southern coast of Spain popularly known for the famous rocks also called Gibraltar. The territory was once best known as the e-gaming and gambling hub of the world after the introduction the internet. Gibraltar’s authority maintains a positive regulation on cryptocurrency tailored to enable the country to emerge once more as the cryptocurrency hub of the world.

Gibraltar is developing a government backed cryptocurrency stock exchange platform, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. The exchange development team estimated about $25 million would be sufficient enough to enroll the project. In this regard GBX is expecting to raise about $25 million through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) to be used to fund the project and obtain the investors for the project.

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This ambitious project is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018 and start operating immediately after launching. Currently Gibraltar is the world’s number one e-gaming hub with more than 40% stake in the world’s multi-Billion-dollar e-gaming industry. The territory wants to be the number cryptocurrency hub of the world too.

why this project could become a major success

unlike in other countries, cryptocurrency is legal in Gibraltar, with a government that supports and backs up new cryptocurrency projects, the GBX is in the right operation Environment. The government of Gibraltar itself-plan to develop a new platform that would be used in carrying out secured elections in the territory.

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is a subsidiary of the GSX Group limited which owns the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) a stock exchange company established in early 2015 and became the first legal stock exchange in the territory. GSX also became the first stock exchange to offer a bitcoin-backed Exchange Traded Instrument, Bitcoin ETI. Bitcoin ETI invests exclusively in bitcoin and was the first European regulated bitcoin product.

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange aims to become the leading institutional grade token and ICO platform operating under the Territory’s regulatory framework. GBX also plan to incorporate a crypto exchange where only institutional grade tokens would be listed.

The fact that the Gibraltar Government directly and indirectly supports cryptocurrency and blockchain projects increase the chances that the GBX would become successful. The project team too comprises of some prominent cryptocurrency experts and blockchain engineers who are too legitimate to quit the project midway basing on their pass successful projects records. GBX is developing a platform that would encourage institutional investors to participate in the platform.

With all these positive signals I think the GBX is going to become a successful project though I cannot certainly tell you how much you could invest on them. Best investment practices as usual would require you to invest just 5% of your worth on any project. I would encourage to double that and make 10%.

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