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Evolution of User Interfaces Will Boost Cryptocurrency Education Increasing Its Adaptation

Mar 05, 2018 Posted /  5866 Views

Evolution of User Interfaces Will Boost Cryptocurrency Education Increasing Its Adaptation

There is a lot of growth and development taking place within blockchain technology with a lot of innovations. A lot of new solutions and projects are flooding the ecosystem yet communication between the tech developers and the final users are not being sufficiently handled. A proper effective means of communication between the tech developers and the non-crypto users must be developed for the industry to see a similar influx of new users flooding the system.

Why the Adoption of Cryptocurrencies Is Still Very Slow?

The rate at which new cryptocurrency and blockchain companies are sprouting surpasses the rate at which new users are being added to the system. More producers and less consumers mean cryptocurrency products would soon become so abnormally cheap and might become useless if the growth of new users is not properly handled.

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For cryptocurrency to reach a level of massive adaptation it should become important to the final users, should provide a necessity and should benefit the final users in some way. Take for example a technology device like a mobile phone, common users do not know the working principles of the device but continuous to use it and pay a lot of money for it. This is because mobile phones have become a necessity to human for easy communication.

For cryptocurrency to reach a level of mass complication a unique solution to an existing problem should be device using a cryptocurrency solution which would become a necessity to people. One of the current reason for the slow adaptation is that most of the problems cryptocurrency usages tern to solve already has well established solutions and sometime better ones.

Building Cryptocurrency for Everyone to Use

when computers were emerging computer users were experts who could communicate with the computer by inputting complex binary codes. The complexity of usages of cryptocurrency currently is like this with non-tech frenzy users lagging out. Only tech people and those with deep knowledge of data storage and transfer can understand cryptocurrency.

The developers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies should get a means of hiding the complex scary interfaces away from the eyes of the average computer user. The strings of keys comprising of the public and private keys look so sophisticated to a non-tech person and would always jump out of it without completing registering for a free bitcoin account.

Just like email service providers has made it cryptocurrency developers should make signing into accounts as easy as signing into an email account while keeping the accounts as secure as possible. This way the complex scary codes are hidden away from the end users, yet the service is still benefiting the user.

Education is Still a Fundamental

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is unique technology which just emerged in 2010. Most universities and schools across the world teaching computer applications still do not teach cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to student. This makes even elite students remain green on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, yet it could widen their opportunities of employment had they known it more.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain developers ought to finalize their difference with the governments about the legality of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. This would allow the industry to prepare a proper curriculum to submit to the authority for adaptation in the formal sector of the education system.

This would be one of the biggest step towards making cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream. We all know that creativity and innovativeness come from students not companies as companies build products to make money but students build products to be noticed and break through.

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