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Ethereum Wallet Revealed

Dec 03, 2017 Posted /  13969 Views

Ethereum Wallet Revealed


Ethereum currently has captured the second largest market cap after Bitcoin. Because of this, many investors are now flocking to Ethereum. Naturally, this has surged demand for more secure Ethereum wallets. Ethereum is getting more popularity in the digital currency world. It is the blockchain platform that allows smart contracts. Its price has spiked from $8.22 to around $50 since 2017. There are many options available to buy Ethereum. There are majorly five different types of Ethereum wallets used to store your Ethereum. Ethereum is a technical currency.

We can say that it involves more technicalities than Bitcoin. Therefore most wallets in the digital currency market are less likely to be user-friendly for newcomers. The information available about the Ethereum wallets in the market seems to be simplest in some cases and extremely complex in others. You can select the one best suited to your knowledge level.

Hardware wallets – Best security

If you are keen about securing your Altcoins, you can opt for storing your Ethereum on a hardware wallet. However these hardware wallets are quite premium ranging from $50-$100, that excludes shipping. Today’s leading hardware wallets supply you with the option to store Ethereum on them.  You can secure Ethereum hardware wallet for your Ether. There are few best options to choose from, that you can sort by lowest price to highest price. The security is great because such wallets store your ether offline in secure environment. If you want to make a transaction on your S’s screen, you can verify them. Such wallets facilitate that even if your computer is hacked; your S’s screen will remain secure and verifies that the address and amount you are sending are correct. One of the cheapest of the three hardware wallets is Nana S. Ledger which has above mentioned facilities. MyEtherWallet is a free open-source Ethereum wallet. Just remember that online, software wallets are much less secure for storing Ether than hardware.

You will experience less flexibility in spending your coins when you opt for a high security wallet option for Bitcoin. For an instance, if you store your coins on a secure paper wallet, it is considered safe and it allows you only to deposit coins. However, if you want to withdraw them you will have to find a Bitcoin client and export your private keys.

One of the options of hardware offline Bitcoin wallet is called TREZOR . It is designed to hold your private keys and provide a feature to sign a transaction without the need to connect to the internet. Even compromised and infected computers can be used with TREZOR safely. This is absolutely amazing as Trezor seems to give you the best of both worlds. It acts as a highly secured cold storage as in the offline device; however, allowing you flexibility when you want to spend your coins. The device is petite and small so it can be carried it around on a keychain or inside your pocket. You can conveniently store your Bitcoins offline on Trezor such that whenever you want to spend them,   just connect your TREZOR device to any computer and you can spend them. It uses a limited USB connection just like your computer mouse or keyboard. A mouse can indicate the computer where it is, but the computer cannot move the mouse. Hence, Bitcoin transactions can go from the computer to Trezor and back.

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KeepKey, which is the latest crypto hardware wallet that supports Bitcoin. It can be called Crypto hardware wallet as apparently it supports Bitcoin, Testnet, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash (although at the moment the Chrome interface only supports Bitcoin). This secured technology KeepKey has excelled in creating a beautifully designed, user-friendly Bitcoin hardware wallet. If the size of the wallet isn’t an issue for you, it is cool product to store coins. You can then start to transfer your coins to this wallet.

How to safely buy Ethereum in India

As the price of Bitcoin is rising, people are going with a relatively cheaper and promising crypto currency that is Ethereum. There are two ways to Buy Ethereum. You can buy directly with INR that means through bank transfer or you can do by Using Bitcoin. You can use any of the two ways which suit you the best. And before you Buy Ethereum make sure you have a reliable Ethereum Wallet to store your ETH safely. You do have a couple more options to buy Ethereum in India. You can use Indian Rupee to purchase bitcoins from ZebPay or BtcXIndia.

Ethereum wallet – The simplest option

The simplest option in Ethereum wallet is the one that can supply an ethereum wallet as well as Bitcoin wallet. You can choose a wallet that is simple to set up and very easy to use; however, it may have few limitations in technology. The company holds the private key of the wallet for you. This means you’re not in control of your funds and Coinbase can decide to shut down your account if they want to. This only happens in case of any illegal activity though.

Ethereum wallets are still in their early days

Ethereum is not as popular as Bitcoin despite its arrival in the digital currency market since five years. Hence the options for the Ethereum wallets are limited yet. However, we can anticipate the increase in the different types of Ethereum wallets in near future as Ethereum price is on the rise. Hence there will be more Ethereum wallets and exchange support for this currency soon.

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