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Ethereum-based smart contracts for Super Bowl gambling

Feb 05, 2018 Posted /  37622 Views

Ethereum-based smart contracts for Super Bowl gambling

Super Bowl Craze is all around in the USA and there is no place in the States which at the time of the games can stay aloof from the mania. But many EST traders are not able to understand as to how they will manage their passion and work. However, this year is slightly different cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts across the world can amalgamate their  two loves as there are many ICO platforms that have offered to gamble on Super Bowl with an Ethereum based smart contract.

Gambling industry had long been united with cryptocurrencies and quite naturally a report in Credit Suisse  says that the ICOs that provided a platform for gambling dominated a major share in the crypto-market. There are many ICOs that are purely dedicated to a project for providing a trustless platform for sports gambling.

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However, most of them have not been live yet but still, the mania is high among enthusiasts who find it another opportunity to combine their passion and profession. Super Bowl gambling based on blockchain is also simple in comparison to other kind of centralized gambling platforms. For instance, with 1200 lines of code on an Ethereum based smart contract, Crypto-Bowl solely monitors WolframAlpha‘s API to see who obtained the Superbowl and makes payouts respectively. The smart contract utilizes Oracle and it’s API which facilitates in communicating back the results to the smart contract. This simplicity of operations in Crypto-gambling makes it a unique platform for the industry that has the huge cross-border potential to become one commerce with immense opportunities.

These kinds of platforms depict the late explosion of ICOs which have not deterred from the cryptocurrency space, as enthusiast come up with new and refreshing ideas despite tremendous volatility in the market. The market had been battling with uncertainty and price fluctuations for some time now and the market conditions have not been much favourable. At present time, Ethereum worth thousands of dollars seem to have been contributed in these platforms with $200 worth of Ethereum coming on Superbowl from New England.

The allocation method is also one of creating self-spreads around the network. If you will evaluate the FAQ section of the many crypto-gambling based websites, it is announced that the winners will receive their money back plus the losers pot in proportion to what they have contributed. This self-creating and adjusting spread is an attractive mechanism to go on a trustless platform and maybe a trend will advance in future.

There are hundreds of smart contracts that offer different contributions and paybacks accordingly and the above-mentioned websites are a just microscopic portion of the sports gambling market. The things are going at pace speedier than expected in the space of ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The ICOs are exemplary platforms that have depicted how blockchain technology can be utilized effectively for different industries and also helps in fundraising. But as more ICOs take off they might have to deal with some issues like setting a spread. However, there are more pertinent issues to address as well, which includes finding a better way to retrieve the gambling results from centralized models.

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