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Ethereum ATMs around the world

Aug 21, 2017 Posted /  3401 Views

Ethereum ATMs around the world

Ethereum ATMs around the world

Cryptocurrency ATMs have been a important addition to the whole ecosystem of the digital currency market. Although they are still only found in specific locations, the presence of Ethereum based ATMs  is growing every single month. It also appears these ATMs are no longer being used to just buy and sell Ethereum these days, they do a lot more than that.

The cryptocurrency ATMs are an interesting way to make consumers aware of the digital currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other altcoins. They provide a suitable interface for purchasing cryptocurrencies with cash has been to some extent successful, even with the higher fees common among these ATMs. It now appears that Ethereum ATMs are started to make a blow as well.

Let us have a look at the Ethereum ATMs around the world:


LocalCoinATM has thought that now is the time to bring Ethereum ATMs as well to market.The company recently revealed a number of new machines spread out across Toronto. Numerous locations now support Ethereum, though the company has a few machines which have not yet received the updates.The decision to introduce these Ethereum ATMs in Toronto was planned quite early.The city is well known for its Ethereum activity  and meetups, related to this particular cryptocurrency. 

2. The First One

Thew first ATM was an open source one, means that anyone could make suitable changes for its development and upload their own modified version. It was opened in San Mateo California, which was a hybrid having Ethereum and bitcoin ATM as well. It was developed by In the beginning , planned and built in Portugal by Lamassu, the software of the Lamassu model ATMs is an open source code, which makes simple to reprogram for this project.

3. In Japan

A  lot of the present speculations about Ethereum trading is based about the idea that it is catching on in Asia, and since that Japan officially renowned for the huge Cryptocurrency market, this is because it seems like there is this idea that Japan is on board with cryptocurrency and now this is going to open the gates for demand and it might surge the prices up in a dramatic, sustainable way. Japan has numerous amount of ATMs in Tokyo,Hiroshima,Fukuoka and some other cities of Japan.

4. In China

China being the hub of cryptocurrencies, has installed Ethereum ATMs in its capital citty Beijing and also one in Shanghai.

5. In Canada

Canada being a  huge supporter of cryptocurrencies has made many ATMs installed in various cities. The cryptocurrency ATMs are quite common here and you can sight many of them frequently there, that too in a large number. Cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Vancouver CA, Quebec city, Montreal etc have ATMs in a huge number.

6. In Spain

Spain has a total number of 37 ATMs of the cryptocurrency which support Ethereum. The cities like Barcelona, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca, Vitoria- Gasteiz, Malaga etc have the ATM of Ethereum installed here.

7. In United Kindom

United Kingdom has around 77 ATMs for various cryptocurrencies. These ATMs support Ethereum as well. The cities like Belfast, Harrow, Leeds,London, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh etc have Ethereum supporting ATMs installed here.

8. In Switzerland

The cities of Switzerland like basel, Bern, Herisau, Lausanne Mustair, Geneve etc have Ethereum supported ATMs. Switzerland has around 23 ATMs in total for the cryptocurrencies.

9. In The USA

The Cryptocurrency ATMs are huge in number here in the USA. There are around 961 ATMs which support Ethereum here. The cities like LA, Phoenix, Birmingham, Sacramento, Indianapolis, New York, Cleveland ,Portland ,Philadelphia, Dallas etc have Ethereum ATMs.

10. In Austria

There are around 49 ATMs of Ethereum supported in Austria, the cities like Amstetten, Innsbruck, Vienna, Graz, Linz, Vienna  etc have some ATMs located here.

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