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Decentralized cryptocurrencies vs conventional stock market!

Nov 08, 2017 Posted /  2781 Views

Decentralized cryptocurrencies vs conventional stock market!

The digital currencies have been described often with the adjective “volatile”. The first risk whenever written or spoken for cryptocurrencies is termed as ‘volatile in nature’. These digital versions of the currencies are compared to conventional, fiat currencies and assets which gives rise to whims and rumors. This does not stop investors from accepting these high risked virtual currency to fetch the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Its crypto volatility Vs conventional stock market

Unpredictability or volatility is an inevitable aspect no matter what investment method is brought into play. Cryptocurrencies have seen its natural swings and so has the stock market. The stock market lost over 50% of its value in 18 months, with individual stocks being hammered even harder in the 2007-2008 Financial disaster. The investors were in distraught. Cryptocurrencies have not witnessed tragedy on that level.
On the other hand, volatility is not necessarily a horrific premonition. Amy market without its kind of unpredictability is fusty and uninteresting plus even more highly, not money-spinning. If truth to be said then high volatility either yields high profits otherwise high losses. The ploy is placing you on the riding plane of the slope to gain even when others are feeling the twinge which is arguably simple with crypto than with stocks. Cryptocurrency markets have been stroked with awful news a few days ago like the decision of China to ban ICOs which persistent on its storm trying to close up exchanges where tens of thousands of investors are dealing with locked/frozen funds as a result.

Should you sell all your shares and invest in cryptos?

Do not try this! Cryptocurrencies are certainly going through a very high and up phase due to which we have witnessed heavy gains driven by new capital entering the market, an increased adoption but its future is still dubious. Till the time until it proves itself to complete satisfaction which the users expect to or it comes crashing down, it will be a wise choice to not to have all of your eggs come crashing down with it. There are ventures which seem promising can be opted for traditional fiat based investment and those methods should continue to be sought after. Any kind of capital investment in the cryptocurrencies with an intense investigation and independent research plus time carefully can help to minimize unnecessary risk in the market. The only real concern to cryptocurrencies is that the governments, which are embracing the underlying blockchain technology more often.

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